OMD2 Challenge Day 31: Your Signature Style

Welcome to the last day of OMD2 nails!

Are you sick of reading me every day already? Then I have good news, this is the last mani of the challenge! But don't worry, I already have more stuff planned out for the post-challenge times, hehe.

So the final theme is Signature Style and quite frankly: I don't have one! Well, if you'd ask my working colleagues, they'd probably remember polka dots, stripes and water decals. Thus I decided to do another skittle mani combining all the different patterns. I went with a black and white monochrome colour palette, so it wouldn't be too busy.

On my thumb, the striping tape, one of my recent loves. Pointer and Pinky have the simple and easy polka dot pattern, that yet never seizes to amaze any outsiders. A water decal from Bornprettystore on my middle finger and finally, the glitter accent on my ring finger, which is something I started doing after watching elleandish's tutorials on Youtube (it's actually her signature style!).

The polishes I used are Essie's Blanc for the white, Black is back by Essence and the glitter is from the Crushed Crystals collection by Catrice, it's no.05 - Stardust.

Wow, so it's finally completed! I feel very accomplished and I'm actually majorly surprised that I managed to do all the themes and even get them up on the blog on the actual days! Of course, not all were great, some really sucked to be honest, but hey! The result is most important! I posted my Top 5 on Instagram earlier today, which one's yours?

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