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OMD2 Challenge Day 31: Your Signature Style

Welcome to the last day of OMD2 nails!

Are you sick of reading me every day already? Then I have good news, this is the last mani of the challenge! But don't worry, I already have more stuff planned out for the post-challenge times, hehe.

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Topper Time: H&M - Rooftop Party

Hi everybody,

It's that time of the month again, it's Topper Time! I didn't realize it's been a month already, I was so caught up with the OMD2 challenge I forgot any other nail art... I really enjoy doing this every month, gives me a chance to dig through all my toppers and actually use some untrieds, like this time.

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OMD2 Challenge Day 30: Fashion Inspired


I had a couple of ideas inspired by brands and designers, first off painting both the top and bottom of my nails (black on top and red underneath) to create a Louboutin shoe inspired mani. But as I was googling the references, I saw that I wasn't the first with this idea, fml. Next, I thought CDG Play heart logo inspired french nails, again, the link proves my ingenuity...
However, I may or may not recreate those someday, because I love CDG Play!

But finally, my brain just ran out of creative juices and I opted for something very simple and with my recently discovered love for nail stamping, you guessed it, I went for a stamped mani!

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Essence says good bye and hello

Hello from me too,

Is it the new season already? Boy, time flies... I've been so caught up with OMD2 nails and life itself, time just kinda passed me by. But hey, I got an amazing reminder which I now want to share with you! It's the new Essence polishes and nail art stuff for the new season, sadly also some products that will be discontinued. So how about we just bite the bullet and I break the sad news to you first, hm? After that we shall rejoice over the exciting news.

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OMD2 Challenge Day 29: National Pride

Hoi zäme,
('hi all' in Swiss dialect.)

Yet another tricky theme, seeing as I have multiple heritages. While I am Swiss by both, birth and passport (my dad is Swiss, for the curious), I have half my roots in Singapore. At first I was thinking of doing a red-white-mixed mani since both flags have these two colours, but finally I decided for myself 'I am Swiss!'. It's a psychological thing, haha... Also, there doesn't seem to be a lot of patriotism around here, so why not for once celebrate the fact that I'm Swiss? Everyone's always so humble around here (ok, not all, by far not all!)... Well, enough with the stereotypes and on to my Swiss mani, which made me feel a little weird myself, since I am not really used to 'showing flag'. But hey, it's our national day on August 1, so I can kinda  pull it off with that excuse.

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OMD2 Challenge Day 28: Bridal

Hello Lovelies,

For today's theme I went with the most obvious and picked the bridal stamping plate by Moyou London. It's full of cute and romantic lace designs, perfectly suited for this theme! I wanted to mix and match different lace designs, but I couldn't get all of them to stamp and thus did all with the same lace design. My guess is the combination of polish and stamper wasn't quite right for certain images. I used a pretty hard stamper by Konad and a white stamping polish by Essence, I find my images to get less warped with a hard stamper, the downside being that they sometimes don't pick up so well.

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OMD2 Challenge Day 27: Nautical

Ahoi mates!

Nautical is a theme I was very excited about to do! I loved seeing all the cute sailor manis on Instagram, especially the ones that involved stripes. Once again, I found myself going thru my stamping plates and I came across a few nautical themed designs on my Bundlemonster collection, so I picked out 3 plates from the 2013 CYO collection.

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OMD2 Challenge Day 26: Outdoors


So the other day I painted my nails with this blue no.651 Cool Blue by Maybelline's Colorshow and it made me think about the beach manis I've been seeing a lot lately, so I thought I'd give them a shot since it matches todays outdoor theme as well.

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OMD2 Challenge Day 25: Roses

Hi Lovelies,

It's the last week of OMD2nails, 7 days left to go! I'm really looking forward to the end of this. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy doing a mani for each theme, but every day?? I guess that's why it's called a challenge, after all.

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OMD2 Challenge Day 24: Fruit

Hello Lovelies,

Lately, I just haven't been satisfied with my manis, ever get this? It's not that I'm uninspired, the designs actually look great in my head but one I paint them on my nails, I just think 'what was I thinking? This is NOT how I had pictured this!'. This is especially true for today's mani...

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OMD2 Challenge Day 23: Negative Space


Today's theme is another challenge, for me personally, at least. Why, you ask? Well, first off, the theme is negative space, while it's another look I like seeing around, there's two things I personally struggle with about this. A. I don't really like my bare nails. I mean they're fine, no chipping or peeling, but the tips are just slightly yellowed from all the polish addiction. B. Habit demands that I apply at least two layers of polish. While not entirely impossible, it is a little tricky to apply a second layer with striping tapes (or whatever tape you are using to cover the negative spaces).
But after successfully doing the past 22 themes, I have developed this ambition to do ALL of them! Despite saying I most likely wouldn't be able to do all at the beginning...

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OMD2 Challenge Day 22: Feathers

Hello girls and boys,

Today the theme is feathers and it had me frantically searching my stamping plates for feather images! I knew such existed, but sadly, none of them are in my posession... Yet. And then, the idea came to me in my sleep, literally. Ever have this happen to you where you have the most brilliant idea before you just doze of into sleepy town, then next morning you don't remember anything? Story of my life. Just that this time, I remembered having THE idea for this theme and thus spent my morning routine cracking my head to find that late night thought... And I did!

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OMD2 Challenge Day 21: Animal Print

Dear all,

Animal Print, I specifically did not want to make a leopard print because I knew this was what everyone else was thinking! It's easy to do and looks great, so it's an obvious answer for this theme, no? So I stamped a zebra design on my nails and messed up horribly, I got so upset I went with the leopard print after all...

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OMD2 Challenge Day 20: Chevron


Ever since I bought the new Acid Wash collection from Maybelline's Colorshow, I knew I had to layer it under something else to create a taped mani! I started with two coats or Bleached Blue and then immediately felt the need to add some chevron together with a textured polish. For this I used Essence's Keep Calm And Go To The Beach which is a sparkly sand polish from their Trend Edition Beach Cruisers. The chevron designs I cut myself with a zigzag scissors from regular tape, it works great and is a nice alternative to nail vinyls.

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OMD2 Challenge Day 19: Ombre


Today's theme is Ombre and I think this is a term that is often confused in nail art lingo. I hope I got it right this time, because I tend to mix it up too. I'm speaking about gradient and ombre, whereas they both mean more or less the same thing (one colour fading into another), I think there's a clear difference when speaking about nail art. As far as I understand, gradient refers to the nail art where you sponge on a gradient on each nail, whereas ombre if referring to the style where you pick 5 different shades and apply one on each nail. I hope I got this right, if not, someone correct me and then everyone else ignore what I just said, heh.

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OMD2 Challenge Day 17: Galaxy


Ah, the much dreaded day 17 theme, galaxy! Don't get me wrong, I love galaxy nails. It's just, I seem to be incapable of ever getting them right!! As today is Thursday, I thought it might be appropriate to kick off this post with a quick TBT. Let me show you a piece of Instagram history, my attempt at galaxy nails...

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OMD2 Challenge Day 16: Glitter Placement

Good morning lovelies,

I don't own any lose glitter, however, I do own a bunch of glitter toppers and some of them have really chunky glitter pieces in them. In fact, those with the bigger glitters are normally so troublesome to apply that they just waste away in my stash... Which is a pity, because some of them are really cute!

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OMD2 Challenge Day 15: Abstract

Good morning,

For this theme, I knew I wanted to do something using the dry-brush method, where you wipe off almost all of the paint from your brush before applying the polish to your nails. This will give you a distressed look.

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Review: Tiny dried flowers from the BPS

A little later than I had planned, but here is my second review for Bornprettystore. They kindly let me pick two items from their new arrivals to test and review for my readers! Here you can find my other review about the sheet of water decals. And today I'm showing you what you can do with these tiny dried flowers! I know I said previously that I wanted to use them for one of the OMD2 challenges, but I changed my mind...

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OMD2 Challenge Day 14: Funky French

Hi Lovelies,

First of all, let me just say: I finally, FINALLY found the Bleached Neon polishes by Maybelline's Colorshow here! Thanks to a fellow Swiss Instagramer who found it and shared the location with me. She said she bought them 3 weeks ago, so I was really worried it might be sold out, but the display was still pretty full aside from Coral Heat that was almost sold out. There were a few challenge themes I wanted to do with these, but I couldn't find them anywhere...


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OMD2 Challenge Day 13: Ikat


'What on earth is Ikat?' was my very first thought. I thought it might just be some fancy new name for the Aztec print, since that was pretty popular recently and it seems I wasn't too far off. It does have that native American feel to it.

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OMD2 Challenge Day 12: 3D


For today's challenge which is 3D I was pretty clueless. I was at a total loss until today and I kinda half-assed this one, to think of it now. It's not really very creative and I'm not a fan of how it turned out. But I decided to share it nonetheless.

Even the photo is out of focus!

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OMD2 Challenge Day 11: Rainbow

Hello Lovelies,

Today's theme is the most appropriate: Rainbows! Why? I turn 26 today and when asked what my favourite colour is, the answer is always rainbow. Despite this fact, I never actually did a lot of rainbow themed manis... I think I did one 3 years ago in honour of Pride, which I couldn't attend at that time because of exams.

Naturally, my mind was spinning with rainbow designs but finally I went for something rather simple.

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OMD2 Challenge Day 10: Favourite Polish

Hello Lovelies,

It's day 10! Do you know what this means? I've been blogging for 10 days straight... Wow. I'm amazed, especially since I didn't think I'd be able to keep up with this challenge, let alone with my own blog. But on to the challenge...

Which is your favourite polish? Could you answer that question within a heartbeat? Because I couldn't. I've been thinking about this theme ever since the list was released!
What makes a polish a favourite polish? Is it one in your favourite colour? But lets say your favourite colour is blue and you own ten shades of blue, how do you pick just one? Or is a favourite polish one that you wear all the time? But I always wear a different shade...

I kept those thoughts in mind and finally picked a polish for this challenge's theme that more or less combines everything I look for in a polish, I present to you: Essie - Blanc!

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OMD2 Challenge Day 9: Jelly


Theme for day 9 is jelly and aside from the food, jelly reminds me of glitter sandwiches! But I didn't feel like using glitter and having to remove it later on. Despite the tin foil method, I still hate having to remove glitter polishes! So I went for a polka dot glitter sandwich instead.

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OMD2 Challenge Day 8: Shimmer

Good evening,

Oh boy, this post is late and I'm really just going to rush this to get it up today. I'm not gonna lie! Heh. I prepared the nail art and photos a while ago, but somehow I didn't prepare the post...

Well, it's just a very simple mani as I was feeling a little uninspired and at a total loss when confronted with the word shimmer. Why, though? I own a bunch of shimmer polishes and it really beats me... I guess I just wasn't really in the mood for shimmer when I did this mani.

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Preview: Catrice Ombre Top Coat (=OPI sheer tints much?)


I have some more exciting news, this time from Catrice! They announced the new products they will be selling as part of their regular range as of Fall/Winter and I found something to be especially interesting...

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OMD2 Challenge Day 7: Holographic


After that last dark mani, I wanted to get back into my Summer mood and go for something fun and colourful.

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Review: Lacework/Stripe pattern water decals from the BPS

[Press Sample]

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are interrupting our OMD2 nail art challenge posts for a quick review!

This week I received a package with two samples from the Bornprettystore. They kindly let me pick two items from their new arrivals to test and review for my readers!
I picked these tiny dried flowers and a sheet of water decals. Today I shall be reviewing the water decals, look forward to my review about the flowers, hint: It'll be on one of my upcoming OMD2 nail designs!

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OMD2 Challenge Day 6: Duochrome


This is day 6 of July and the theme for today is: Duochrome! I remember when I bought my first duochrome polish and someone saw it on my nails, telling me that in car lingo this was called a "flip flop paint job". Yeah, thinking of this I should have probably painted some beach sandals on my nails? I simply went for a duochrome polish with the punny name Berry Potter and Plumbledore by Catrice.

Excuse my injured pointer...

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Preview: Essence Trend Edition August 2014

Hello Lovelies,

Today I have some exciting news to share, it's a preview of the new Trend Edition Essence will be releasing next month! There are two Trend Editions, but it seems there are no polishes in the Aquatix collection, so I want to focus this post on their other Trend Edition called Yes, We Pop! which is all about nail art!!

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OMD2 Challenge Day 5: Dark

Hello and good day,

Where there is brightness, there is darkness, right? So day 5's theme being Dark makes a lot of sense. For this challenge, I actually have two looks! But I'll show you the other one at the end of the post, it was the first I did and it is a bit of a reject style...
Summer usually isn't a time when I like to wear dark colours, thus the reject style. However, it's been raining since Monday and that set me in the mood for darker colours and I felt bad about my first attempt, so I repainted my nails in another style for today's theme.

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OMD2 Challenge Day 4: Bright

Welcome to day 4!

First off, I'm not really a fan of Ke$ha, but her music is on the radio and I can listen to it. But lately a lot of celebrities are sporting some really cute nails, so why not turn to them for some inspiration? If you haven't guessed yet, for today's look I was inspired by Ke$ha's nail look on her video Crazy Kids. I even found this tutorial on how to achieve them and based my look on it too.

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OMD2 Challenge Day 3: Lavender


It is now day 3 of the OMD2 Nail Art Challenge and today's theme is: Lavender! And now, I didn't pick a polish with the day's theme in it's name. C-c-combobreaker!

Instead, my base is Ice Ice Baby by H&M which isn't a very Summer appropriate name, but nevermind that...

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OMD2 Challenge Day 2: Coral


...And welcome to day 2 of the OMD2 Nail Art Challenge, today's theme is: Coral! As I mentioned in my last post, this is another colour I super love sporting during the days of Summer.

For this theme, I again wanted to try a technique I had never tried before. This time it was the saran wrap one. Basically, you just take a piece of saran wrap, bunch it up into a messy ball and use it as a sponge to apply your accent colours. Sound simple? That's because it is!

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OMD2 Challenge Day 1: Mint

Hello Girls and Boys,

For July, which marks the last month (okay, couple of weeks) of my 25th year, I've decided to challenge myself by joining the Oh Mon Dieu 2 Nail Art Challenge which I stumbled across on Craftynail's blog!

This is a 31 Day challenge! I have no idea if I'll be able to do all, because you know, life and stuff (and some themes are making me seriously crack my head) but here's a list of all the themes:


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