Preview: Essence Trend Edition August 2014

Hello Lovelies,

Today I have some exciting news to share, it's a preview of the new Trend Edition Essence will be releasing next month! There are two Trend Editions, but it seems there are no polishes in the Aquatix collection, so I want to focus this post on their other Trend Edition called Yes, We Pop! which is all about nail art!!

Obviously, a nail art collection has nail polishes. There are 4 colours in this Trend Edition.

01 - Hey Smiley
02 - Grab This Hype

03 - Hello Hipsters
04 - Have Fun
From the photos, the colours kinda remind me of those in their current trend edition Wave Goddess, they're not exactly the same, but very similar. I like the fun look of the bottles though and I'm sure even though I don't fancy them now, sooner or later someone is going to post an awesome swatch and make me want them...

Next up is a confetti topper, they seem to be pretty trendy right now? I just recently got the neon glitter toppers from Claire's and am still hunting down the confetti toppers by L'oreal.

01 - Bubble Gum
This topper seems to be just all pink hexagonal glitters, nothing really exciting if you ask me... But I'm curious to see what the actual product looks like and if the base is clear or tinted.

Then there are 3 different types of nail embellishments.

02 - Made For Art Setters
Hexagonal lose glitter and glitter dust, this comes in two colour variations, set one is called Ready For Hip Hop and is pink and teal themed, set two is Made For Art Setters and is yellow and blue themed.
Personally I'm not a fan of glitter dust, but I've been curious to try some glitter placement looks, so I might pick this up if I come across it.

01 - Pop Rocks
Neon coloured studs and nail beads - perfect for Summer! My nail studs can probably last me for a lifetime, but I'll definitely get this one if I can find it. A girl can never have too many studs!

01 - Hipsters Only
3D Fimo Cane nail... pieces? What do you call those? I've never used them, but they always seem to be so bulky, so I have mixed feelings about this. The description says there's nail glue included. 

01 - Be Funky Be Trendy
Nail foils in yellow, blue and pink. I've never tried using nail foils, so I'm curious about these!

Finally, a nail tool to round up the collection. One side is a fine dotting tool and the other side is a brush, practical if you ask me! The brush looks like it would be great for clean up. I already own a clean up brush and several dotting tools, so I'm not planning to get this, but who knows? I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who doesn't have either, because it looks super handy!

There's also a whole bunch of Gel Nails At Home stuff in this Trend Editions, but I'm really not a friend of gel nails, so I'm skipping those. But I hope I could give you some insights on this new Trend Editions and got you just as excited as myself!

Will you be getting any of the items above?

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