Essence says good bye and hello

Hello from me too,

Is it the new season already? Boy, time flies... I've been so caught up with OMD2 nails and life itself, time just kinda passed me by. But hey, I got an amazing reminder which I now want to share with you! It's the new Essence polishes and nail art stuff for the new season, sadly also some products that will be discontinued. So how about we just bite the bullet and I break the sad news to you first, hm? After that we shall rejoice over the exciting news.

Regular polishes leaving, names are from top left to bottom right:

  • 107 - Naughty and Pink!
  • 115 - Redvolution
  • 137 - Wanna be your sunshine
  • 145 - Flashy Pumpkin
  • 147 - Miss Universe
  • 148 - Prom-Berry
  • 149 - Hello Marshmellow
  • 158 - If I were a boy
  • 157 - My fortune cookie
  • 168 - Love me cupcake
  • 171 - Galactic Glam
  • 178 - Hello Spring!
  • 181 - Once upon a time
Out of these I own and dearly love Miss Universe, Prom-berry and Love me cupcake. I remember getting them not long ago, thus I was a bit surprised to see them being discontinued. Hello Marshmellow, If I were a boy and Hello Spring! are three polishes I'll definitely run out and get before it's too late. Also I'm considering My fortune cookie and Galactic Glam.

Next up are the effect nail polishes and the nail art toppers:

  • 04 - Skyfall
  • 08 - Heart explosion
  • 09 - Hey sister sandman
  • 10 - Glorious Aquarius
  • 17 - Only Purple Matters
  • 23 - Million Dollar Baby
  • 09 - Crack me! True red

Out of these I only own Glorious Aquarius and I think I've only ever used it once, it's a great topper though! I have a sort of love-hate relationship with crackle and sand polishes, so I'll bid those 4 farewell. However, I might consider getting the other two glitter toppers as I have recently discovered my love for toppers!

To complete the list of polishes, finally the base and top coats.

  • 02 - Always in my mint
  • 07 - Marshfellows
  • 24/7 nail base
  • Gel-look top coat
Somehow I was under the impression that the gel-look top coat had long been discontinued, as I couldn't find it at my local stores anymore! I really love this one and his quick drying brother though, so I'm kinda sad to see it go, but then again, it had been long gone in my thoughts all this time... I've never bothered about other Essence base and top coats, so ya. I do however love Marshfellows and don't feel like the Nail Candies were released that long ago, is it time to say good bye already??


Are you still with me? You'd better be, because now we're going to look at the new releases and let me just say: I'm excited!! I've also picked my favourite already, can you guess?

These are all the new regular polishes, gosh look at how many there are!! 

  • 184 - Girls night out
  • 185 - Candy Crush
  • 186 - Polka Holga
  • 187 - Juicy Love
  • 188 - Dare to kiss
  • 189 - New York city call
  • 190 - Kiss me, Freddy
  • 191 - Love is in the air
  • 193 - Best dressed
  • 194 - Little lila town
  • 195 - You've wow'd me again
  • 196 - I <3 my blue jeans
  • 197 - Caramel Brownie
  • 198 - Carribean Bean
SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY! Seriously? Essence has really outdone themselves, just look at all the different finishes!! In case you haven't guessed, my favourites are Candy Crush and I <3 my blue jeans. I just love love love matte finishes! And right now, I'm a total sucker for any pink, navy, pale blue and green shades.

Lots and lots of new effect polishes and beautiful toppers! Need I even tell you how excited I am right now? I just want to grab right inside my screen for all of them!

  • 16 - Lovely, maybe
  • 17 - Never stop dreaming
  • 20 - Hidden garden
  • 21 - Icy fairy
  • 18 - That's my popcake!
  • 19 - Goldfingers
  • 24 - Party never ends
  • 25 - Live, laugh & party
  • 15 - Underwater love
  • 22 - I love magic
  • 23 - Rock my world
Exclusive to Müller :(

  • 01 - Warm my heart
  • 02 - Play it cool
  • 03 - It's hot stuff
  • 04 - The heat is on
After unsuccessfully hunting for the thermo polish from their Road Trip Trend Edition and being super sad that I will never ever be able to try them, THIS! 

Nail foils and a "transfer solution"? Is this for real?? Personally, nail foils: Yes. Transfer Solution: Money making. Remember those nail foils from Bornprettystore? If you've used those, you'll know all you need to transfer those foils to your nails is top coat (or any polish really, as long is it's still a bit wet/tacky). So unless these foils are different and there's a whole new science behind this, I believe the transfer solution is useless.

I'm not sure what the first top coat does, but it reminds me of that snow flake topper from one of the Christmas Trend Editions and the gold topper from P2. Basically, you just shake it until there's enough glitter distribution to your liking and apply.
Next is a top coat that is supposed to transform any polish into a sand effect polish, I wonder how well this will work.

Ta-daa! It seems like the gel-look top coat isn't actually leaving for good, just for a makeover. At least I hope so or maybe a better formula? Since mine takes forever and a day to dry...

That's it for now! 

There's a bunch of other nail art stuff announced: Nail stickers, nail care products, loose glitter, magnets... I left those aside for now, but if you're really interested, I might do a second post about those!

Anything you fancy so far? Are you going to run out quickly to pick up some of the goodies before they leave forever?

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2 Responses to Essence says good bye and hello

  1. Ohhh i love the thermo. I hope these will come to the Netherlands too.

    1. I love them too! I hope they release them all over Europe soon or else I will have to head over to Germany again...


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