Preview: Catrice Ombre Top Coat (=OPI sheer tints much?)


I have some more exciting news, this time from Catrice! They announced the new products they will be selling as part of their regular range as of Fall/Winter and I found something to be especially interesting...

It's an Ombre Top Coat. Here's Catrice's official statement, quoted from their newsletter:

Master of Transformation. Hair, fashion, design - the ombre look is omnipresent. And now there's the Ombre Top coat so you can create this trendy style on your nails, too. Simply apply a pastel or light nail colour polish, leave to dry and then reach for the new Ombre Top Coat. With each application of the top coat, the colour nail polish becomes one shade darker. Always let the individual layers of the top coat dry really well before applying the next one. The colour gradient will be especially visible when each neighbouring nail is one shade darker [...]

So... Basically it's a sheer, tinted top coat that allows you to build up opacity as you layer it? Sound familiar to you, too? Yes, so did I think of the OPI sheer tints while reading this!

I was hoping that all those colourful dots on the back of the bottle were the colours this polish would be available in, how exciting would that be? But I only saw this photo of the bottled polish and I'm afraid it's just going to be this one shade of... dark red? I can't even tell. Nonetheless, I'm still very excited to try this! I haven't got a hold of the OPI sheer tints myself, so this is a huge novelty to me! Also, knowing Catrice, their polishes are very affordable which would make this a budget friendly alternative.

I think I've seen something similar by Etude House too, although I think they were all inspired by the OPI's sheer tints...

What are your thoughts about this new Ombre Top Coat?

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