OMD2 Challenge Day 11: Rainbow

Hello Lovelies,

Today's theme is the most appropriate: Rainbows! Why? I turn 26 today and when asked what my favourite colour is, the answer is always rainbow. Despite this fact, I never actually did a lot of rainbow themed manis... I think I did one 3 years ago in honour of Pride, which I couldn't attend at that time because of exams.

Naturally, my mind was spinning with rainbow designs but finally I went for something rather simple.

There's two coats of Essie's Blanc under the rainbow, I used 4 colours for the sponge 'gradient' which you can't really tell, because the blue and teal shade just kinda merged into one shade. All colours are from Essence's latest Trend Edition Wave Goddess, they're all so vibrant and just go together so well.

I topped off the look with one coat of Marshfellow from the Nail Candies series by Essence to mute the colours a bit and get this bleached neon look.

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