OMD2 Challenge Day 22: Feathers

Hello girls and boys,

Today the theme is feathers and it had me frantically searching my stamping plates for feather images! I knew such existed, but sadly, none of them are in my posession... Yet. And then, the idea came to me in my sleep, literally. Ever have this happen to you where you have the most brilliant idea before you just doze of into sleepy town, then next morning you don't remember anything? Story of my life. Just that this time, I remembered having THE idea for this theme and thus spent my morning routine cracking my head to find that late night thought... And I did!

Sally Hansen called it a fuzzy coat, Essence however refers to theirs as a feather effect topper, so hah! This topper is an untried, I bought it back when it first hit stores because we didn't have Sally Hansen back then and I was so bummed about not being able to get the Fuzzy Coats. But it ended up being put in my stash and then forgotten about... I don't use a lot of effect toppers to begin with, but this has never stopped me from picking them up during my polish hunts.

For my accent nail I added a love bird stamp from Moyou London's plate no. 11 from the Mia The Kitty collection. It's filled with cute girly patterns like birds, cats and keys, I love it!

Finally, I want to end this post with a quick review of my base colour which is called Denim Moore by Catrice. I got it on clearance sale this weekend since it'll be discontinued, so grab it while you still can!

2 coats of Denim Moore over base coat.

This is a beautiful cream polish with very fine silver shimmer in it, it dries glossy (not super glossy though, so I’d recommend a top coat or a matte coat for that denim feel). The formula was a bit thick, but smooth to work with. It covers perfectly with two coats and drying time is OK too, touch-dry after a minute or so, completely dry after 20-30 min.! And need I even say what a gorgeous shade of Periwinkle this is?

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