OMD2 Challenge Day 28: Bridal

Hello Lovelies,

For today's theme I went with the most obvious and picked the bridal stamping plate by Moyou London. It's full of cute and romantic lace designs, perfectly suited for this theme! I wanted to mix and match different lace designs, but I couldn't get all of them to stamp and thus did all with the same lace design. My guess is the combination of polish and stamper wasn't quite right for certain images. I used a pretty hard stamper by Konad and a white stamping polish by Essence, I find my images to get less warped with a hard stamper, the downside being that they sometimes don't pick up so well.

I started off with one coat of Essence Nail Candies in the shade (no) and let that dry. After that I stamped my lace patterns and covered it with another coat of the Nail Candies polish. It's a very sheer polish with a milky purple tint and super fine shimmer, which you can only see if you look really closely and thus my camera didn't catch it either. The polish is also scented! Well, while applying it just smells like normal polish, but as it dries you can smell the scent (which I still can't describe properly...) and the scent lasts once dried. It's a faint smell though and you can really only smell it when you rub your nose against your nails... which I've been doing the whole day...

I'm not sure if I would wear this look at my actual wedding. But then again, I haven't put much thought into that to begin with, I'd have to find someone willing and worthy to marry first, heh.

Have you thought about your wedding nails? What would/did they look like?

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