OMD2 Challenge Day 5: Dark

Hello and good day,

Where there is brightness, there is darkness, right? So day 5's theme being Dark makes a lot of sense. For this challenge, I actually have two looks! But I'll show you the other one at the end of the post, it was the first I did and it is a bit of a reject style...
Summer usually isn't a time when I like to wear dark colours, thus the reject style. However, it's been raining since Monday and that set me in the mood for darker colours and I felt bad about my first attempt, so I repainted my nails in another style for today's theme.

The base are two layers of Midnight Mystery by H&M, once it was dry I taped the triangles and painted them with OPI's Alpine Snow. I should have probably added a layer of top coat in between, because the white smeared the dark blue, this is most obvious on the white part on my pinky. Finished off the look with a blue neon topper called Bonjour by Claire's.

Left hand...

...right hand!

Don't you think they kinda look like snowy mountains in the night?

My first attempt was this really simple (almost too simple, thus I felt bad about it. I knew I could do better!) It's just two coats of black (Essence - Black is Back) and a neon topper from Claire's called Surfer Chick. Also, I thought the topper might be more suited for a later theme, which is "glitter placement".

The Reject look.

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