OMD2 Challenge Day 16: Glitter Placement

Good morning lovelies,

I don't own any lose glitter, however, I do own a bunch of glitter toppers and some of them have really chunky glitter pieces in them. In fact, those with the bigger glitters are normally so troublesome to apply that they just waste away in my stash... Which is a pity, because some of them are really cute!

For example the one I used for this mani, it's from Etude's House Minnie Mouse limited collection. This one has different sized matte glitters in black, white and pink, big pink hexagons and the cutest: little black Mickey (or Minnie?) heads!! Sadly, the glitter is very sparse, so when you use it as a topcoat there's not much glitter action going on...

I've seen people do polka dot nails with glitter, so I really wanted to try that and gave it a shot on my ring finger. I wanted to use the big pink hex glitters to do the same on my thumb, but after a while I gave up fishing for the big glitters, since it was too hard catch them and just got me frustrated. So there's just one big glitter on my thumb and pinky for some accent.

The other two fingers I simply did a polka dot design with a dotting tool and the same pink polish I used as a base on my ring finger. As a little accent, I added Mickey to my middle finger, again, I wanted to add one head to each nail, but just couldn't fish them from the bottle...

Hello, Mickey!

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