OMD2 Challenge Day 23: Negative Space


Today's theme is another challenge, for me personally, at least. Why, you ask? Well, first off, the theme is negative space, while it's another look I like seeing around, there's two things I personally struggle with about this. A. I don't really like my bare nails. I mean they're fine, no chipping or peeling, but the tips are just slightly yellowed from all the polish addiction. B. Habit demands that I apply at least two layers of polish. While not entirely impossible, it is a little tricky to apply a second layer with striping tapes (or whatever tape you are using to cover the negative spaces).
But after successfully doing the past 22 themes, I have developed this ambition to do ALL of them! Despite saying I most likely wouldn't be able to do all at the beginning...

So here's how I approached this. I'm a sucker for striping tape manis and lately grew very fond of chevron nails after the chevron theme and cutting my own shapes with a zig zag scissors. So that wasn't an issue, I cut up some strips of tape so I could make chevron negative spaces. Next, all I needed was a polish that would be opaque with one coat and not streaky. In my entire collection, there is one, ONE polish that fullfills this criteria (I'm sure there are more, but this particular one is forever stuck in my head as The One-coater, heh.)

This beautiful red is no.34 by Aden Cosmetics. I randomly received it in one of my Pinkboxes and I have loved it ever since. However, I can't for the life of me figure out where this brand is from! I'm guessing either Germany or the UK, although something's telling me it's Turkish? If you know, please fill me in!! Also, I can't seem to find this brand anywhere in Switzerland! Is it even sold here? Are all their polishes this great? I demand answers!

Ok, back to the challenge...

I applied a base coat, let that dry and then stuck on my self-cut chevron tapes and painted a layer of red over them, immediately removing the tapes afterwards. My base coat wasn't as dry as I thought, so I ripped of some of that and needed another solution... I picked a topper to cover up any mistakes, this is Night In Vegas by Essence. It's a clear base topper with duochrome flakes that shift from yellow/green to orange and red. Sadly this one has been discontinued.

This didn't really turn out like I had imagined, it's pretty meh compared to some negative space manis I've seen by others. I'm probably just not used to seeing bare spaces on my nails...

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