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Topper Time: Maybelline Colorshow Street Artist - 01 Boom Box Black

Hi everybody,

The other day I stumbled across this thing called Topper Time and thought this was the most amazing idea ever! I had been thinking of making this a thing on my blog, since I have so many toppers and an unhealthy habit of picking them up, then never using them. Naturally, things like this are always more fun in groups!

I am pretty last minute to submit, but I had some spare time today and thought, why not? Just recently I had picked up my second polish from the Street Artist collection from Maybelline's Colorshow, I do not understand how I could resist them for so long... I love this green! Sadly I couldn't find the blue one, but I think I might have to go back for the orange one.

Street Artist 01 - Boom Box Black

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TBT: My very first sponge gradient

Good afternoon Lovelies,

Aah, don't you sometimes think about the past and how you discovered nail art and all the wonderful possibilities about it? I've been a little busy and since it's Thursday, I thought I'd just throw a TBT (Throwback Thursday) your way, heh.

Besides layering polishes (as in glitter toppers) this was the first kind of nail art I tried doing on my nails. This was over two years ago, the photos date back to March 2012! I took them with my phone, because what are quality nail art photos? Backdrop? What's that? I mainly just snapped photos of my nails to share them with friends and family on Facebook, just like everyone else shares every single detail of their lives there.

First layer sponged on.

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Nail Art: Lazy Saturday water decals

Happy Sunday everyone,

Yesterday was a really lazy day, I stayed at home, caught up on some series and was even too lazy to come up with some fancy designs. That's where I love to grab some water decals from my stash! They're easy and quick to apply and yet look like you spent a lot of time and effort making your nails look pretty. "Outsiders" will ask you how you did that haha...

But first off, I want to show you the swatch of the polish I used. Normally I don't pay much attention to the regular colours in the Essence display, unless the internet has been raving about a certain shade. But this polish really caught my eye! I've been tip-toeing around it for a while now, but finally bit the bullet and brought it home.

2 coats of 168 - love me, cupcake

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Nail Art: Does YOUR bottle match your nails?

Good evening,

Recently, I bought this bottle of green tea while grocery shopping. Let me tell you, this is marketing done right, I honestly only bought it because of the pretty bottle. I mean just look at it!

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Nail Art: Bright water marbling

Hello lovelies!

After nail stamping, which is something I haven't done in a while, I decided to give something else I haven't done in a while a shot: Water marbling!

How hard is it to take a photo of your right hand??

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Nail Art: Unintentionally abstract stamping

Good morning lovelies!

As you might have read on my last post, I am currently wearing the lovely Navigate Her by Essie. While plain nails, especially with a nice cream, are nice to look at and have this clean look of simplicity, I couldn't help but do some nail art on it. Thus I whipped out one of the plates from my most recent Moyou London order and got to work.

Here's what you'll need for this look:

  • Essie - Navigate Her
  • Kiko Mirror - 617: for stamping
  • Moyou London stamping plate - Explorer Collection no. 21
  • Stamper and scraper
  • Remover and Q-tips for clean-up
  • Optional but highly recommended: a base and top coat

3 coats of Essie's Navigate Her.

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So I walked in on a nail polish sale... (haul + announcement)

My dear polish-a-holics,

Yesterday I was a bit early for my Japanese class in the evening, so I was randomly browsing the stores in town and then it happened... The department store was having their mid-season sale and it didn't take me long to navigate to the nail polish bucket. 

As I dug my way through the big glass bowl, it felt like this was some old stash they had forgotten in their warehouse, there were limited editions and old collections from years before I got into the hobby. I spent a good 10 minutes digging and keeping everyone else waiting, finally I picked these:

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Nail Art: Chevron + Neon speckles

Hello fellow addicts!

I spent yesterday creating this new nail art, it's simple, but it took me the whole afternoon. Mainly because of one troublesome polish, but read on as I vent about my adventures in polish heaven.

Polishes used for this look.

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Nail Art: Holographic Polka Dots


If you follow me on Instagram, this might be a really old manicure for you, but on there I said I'd blog about it. So I'm doing it now, better late than never, amirite?

As seen on Instagram.

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New in: Catrice - Limited Edition Le Grand Bleu

Hello fellow polished people!

While I was out polish hunting, I also picked up some colours from the new Limited Edition by German brand Catrice. It's known under the name 'Le Grand Bleu' and you guessed it, the main theme is blue and ta-daa, the polishes I picked are also all blue (there was one gold-ish polish and the other was a light lavender, but I passed on those).

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New in: Maybelline - Color Show Acid Wash


Actually I was looking for the Bleached Neons from Maybelline's Color Show line, but with no luck. I don't even think we ever had those here in Switzerland... I found leftovers from the Street Artist collection, but one supermarket had their Limited Editions section stocked with 4 new polishes from the Acid Wash collection. When I saw it, I was all "say whaat?", I wasn't expecting this as I hadn't seen this collection on any blogs or Instagram. Naturally, I picked out two, learned my lesson after I passed up a full limited edition display from Essence only to find it licked clean after I was done procrastinating for a week...

248 - Bleached Blue & 245 - Lilac Rebel

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Swatch'd: P2 - 996 before sunrise


I've decided to take my blog a little more seriously and am taking a different approach to this, so what better way to kick it off than a beautiful nail polish swatch with a short review?

This might be really old news for most people and I think meanwhile this polish has been discontinued, but I wore it for the first time today and just had to share. It's by the German drugstore brand P2 in the colour 996 before sunrise.

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