Monthly Damage Report: July 2014

Hello Beautiful Nail Addicts,

Inspired by the Monthly Favourites a lot of Bloggers and Youtubers do at the end of each month, I've decided to start my own end-of-month theme, but with a twist. I can't say I have new favourites every month, so it would be a little hard for me to introduce them to you. However, I do buy a lot of polish every month, so why not show you that instead? It also helps me to keep track of my shopping addiction collection.

I decided to call mine the Monthly Damage Report, MDR for short. Damage refers to the one caused to my wallet, obviously. Here I will show you what I have amassed during the past month and also mention where I found it (if I remember, which I mostly do), also let me know if you would like a review of anything you see here. If I've already done a review, I will link it in the item descriptions below.
This doesn't just include nail polishes, but anything related too! Tools, nail care, nail art stuff... You name it. So lets end this long boring introduction and get to the interesing part, now shall we?

Oh, please note the mid-season sales are happening here right now, I'm not usually this bad. Or at least I'd like to think so... 

  • 55 - Get the blues
  • 13 - Shopping day at Bloomingdales
  • 15 - Denim Moore
  • 02 - Pimp my shrimp
  • Crushed Crystals 01 - Royal Redding
  • Crushed Crystals 06 - Stardust

  • It Pieces 08 - My big green wedding
  • It Pieces 03 - Let's get lost in Vegas
How pretty are these bottles? I've never had polishes with double caps, they look so expensive and high fashion!

  • Roadtrip 01 - Hit the road, red!
  • Roadtrip 02 - On the road again
  • Roadtrip 03 - I don't care! I love it!
I feel like I went to 100 shops all over Switzerland and was not able to find the thermo polish from this collection! I only found a tester of it and didn't realize it was the tester until it didn't scan at the cashier and the sales lady just put it away, telling me testers weren't for sale. Never have I gone from super happy to super bummed in such a short period of time...

  • 17 - Only purple matters
  • 23 - Million dollar baby
  • Happy Holidays 04 - Sugar Plum Fairy
  • 178 - Hello Spring!
  • 154 - Pink & Proud
Remember my post about the polishes Essence was going to discontinued and how I said I was going to run out and grab some? Well, I did. And somehow I mistook Pink & Proud for Hello Marshmellow and finally picked this one up to... How random is the Happy Holidays polish? Yes, I bought it this month! I was visiting my parents and went to the super market there and there were tons of old bits and bobs from old Trend Editions hidden within the regular stuff, including this polish. I didn't have it yet, so I thought why not?

  • 244 - Chic Chartreuse
  • 241 - Sun Flare
  • 242 - Coral Heat
  • 243 - Tropink
Never have I been so excited to buy overpriced Swiss nail polish! These were CHF 7.50 each (while they're only €1.99 in Germany...) but I couldn't find these anywhere and finally got a pointer in the right direction from a girl on Instagram, yay!

I got myself the OPI mini tints as a birthday gift. Another polish brand that is super expensive here, so I decided to spoil myself by getting the set instead of the fullsize versions.

  • 262 - Ring a Ring o'roses
  • 210 - Ethereal
  • 303 - Raw as night
  • 703 - White hot love
Not her biggest fan, but how cute are the Rita Ora bottles? I've never ever seen Rimmel London regularly selling here, I found all these in a clearance sale bin in Manor (a Swiss department store), where were they hiding these??

  • 410 - Dreamer
  • 211 - Charming
More polishes from the clearance bin, these were both 50% off. I only ever buy Revlon polishes on clearance, as again, they're pretty pricey here.

  • Pink about it 
  • Madison Ave-Hue
Even more clearance polish, hah! Again, overpriced brand here... Even with the discount they were only slightly cheaper than what they'd cost across the borders.

  • GNL352 - Sprinkle
  • GNL355 - Sputter
L.A.Girl is another brand I've never seen in stores here and yet they were in the clearance bin of Manor... Never say not to cute toppers!

  • Manhattan - Only 2
  • Manhattan - 10B
  • Astor - Acid Drop
  • OPI - Pedal faster Suzi!
  • Alessandro - Grey Sparkle
  • Ombia 30 - Sunny Yellow
Last grabs from the clearance bin, except for Manhattan 10B and the Ombia polish. Ombia is a brand I found in Aldi, I've only swatched them on my swatch sticks so far, but it seems OK.

 July was also my birthday month, so I went on a couple of online shopping sprees, some stuff is still in the mail, so I will just sneak those into next month's report. Erhem.

Moyou London

  • Hipster - 04
  • Tropical - 06
  • Punk - 05
  • Stamper and Scraper
I've been obsessed with stamping and am determined to do it more often! I've also ordered a few new stampers so I can experiment and see what combinations of plates, polishes and stampers work best.

Winstonia Store

  • 2nd Generation stamping plates (22pcs)
  • Stamper and scraper
  • Nail wraps 

Again, stamping obsession. 'nuff said. The wraps were discounted and they were giving another 15% off nail wraps for July, so why not? I've only ever tried nail wraps once before.

  • China Glaze 1318 - Surprise
  • Colorclub 1024 - My Girl
  • Water Decals
First timer, couldn't resist discounted China Glaze polishes! Another brand that is overpriced and also hard to find around here... I also got a random lip tattoo (not pictured here) as a free gift.

Squishy Face Polish

My very first Indie Polishes! You can read the names on the bottles, the labels are so pretty I decided to just share a shot of them.

  • New swatching sticks
  • Nails wheels
  • Nails foils
  • Empty polish bottle 
  • BK neon polishes
The empty bottle is to make my own DIY glue base. I actually ordered 3 neon polishes, but they forgot one of them, I haven't heard back from them about it either... Anyone have experience with their customer service?

Finally, a little Etude House order from Ebay! How adorable are those? The Play polish is a glitter topper with hearts, the cute bunny thingies are nail art sets! Squee. They each come with a striper and a bottle full of lose, bunny shaped glitter.

That's all for July! 

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