OMD2 Challenge Day 30: Fashion Inspired


I had a couple of ideas inspired by brands and designers, first off painting both the top and bottom of my nails (black on top and red underneath) to create a Louboutin shoe inspired mani. But as I was googling the references, I saw that I wasn't the first with this idea, fml. Next, I thought CDG Play heart logo inspired french nails, again, the link proves my ingenuity...
However, I may or may not recreate those someday, because I love CDG Play!

But finally, my brain just ran out of creative juices and I opted for something very simple and with my recently discovered love for nail stamping, you guessed it, I went for a stamped mani!

All shades used for the gradient are from Essence's current Trend Edition Wave Goddess, they go together so well and just make for that perfect Summer gradient!
For the pattern, I opted for houndstooth which is one of the classic, timeless prints in fashion. Like plaid, for example, never really goes out of fashion. This pattern was conveniently available on my Moyou London Pro stamping plate no. 04.

I apologize for my rubbish job in cleaning up, I got a little lazy... Finally, I tried out some hand poses, I mean today's theme is fashion inspired, amirite? Actually I was just trying to find some more interesting poses to show you my future manis, so far I kept doing the same bottle-holding pose and gather-all-the-nails pose in my previous posts.
Let me know what you think and also, if you have any suggestions for hand poses that are super flattering and really show off that fresh mani!

The pinching pose.
The holding-invisible-object pose.

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