OMD2 Challenge Day 24: Fruit

Hello Lovelies,

Lately, I just haven't been satisfied with my manis, ever get this? It's not that I'm uninspired, the designs actually look great in my head but one I paint them on my nails, I just think 'what was I thinking? This is NOT how I had pictured this!'. This is especially true for today's mani...

For the theme Fruit I wanted to go with a citrus themed mani, I was planning to do lemon, lime and orange and add white with all the colours in random dots as accent nails for my thumb and pinky. Close enough. I messed up the lime on my pointer, so it became a dotted accent nail too... Next, I probably didn't clean my nail art brush properly the last time, thus there was some black residue left in it. Of course, I only noticed after dipping the brush in the pastel coloured polish and painting the fruit pulp on my nails. Even a second layer with a clean brush couldn't cover up the black bits.

I should have probably opted for a middle shade to do the tips and then line the halfmoon with a darker polish to bring out the citrus fruit slice, like this it just looks like... a nail fail!
I love the theme though, so be prepared for more fruity nail art once the sun stops hiding here.

Also: I finally got some photo editing software, so I hope this is the last post with badly lit shots of my nails. I want to improve on my colour accuracy before I start swatching collections and doing polish comparisons! Thank you to all my readers for being so patient.

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