OMD2 Challenge Day 2: Coral


...And welcome to day 2 of the OMD2 Nail Art Challenge, today's theme is: Coral! As I mentioned in my last post, this is another colour I super love sporting during the days of Summer.

For this theme, I again wanted to try a technique I had never tried before. This time it was the saran wrap one. Basically, you just take a piece of saran wrap, bunch it up into a messy ball and use it as a sponge to apply your accent colours. Sound simple? That's because it is!

Here's the polishes I used:

Polishes used from left to right...
  •  Alessandro - Summer Coral
  • Essence - 01 Cakepop, That's Top! from their Cookies & Cream TE
  • Rimmel London - 711 Rain Rain Go Away
  • Manhattan for Only - no.5

As base I just applied one thin coat of Summer Coral by Alessandro, it was pretty much opaque like that and dried really quickly. Once it was dry, I took my first saran wrap ball and made random designs with Essence' (no.) from their Trend Edition Cookies & Cream.
After letting that dry for around 5-10 minutes, I did the same thing with another saran ball, this time using Rimmel London's (no.). By now, my nails were covered in the two latter shades and you could barely see my base colour, so after a bit of waiting, I took yet another saran wrap ball and added more Summer Coral. Finally, sealed it off with some top coat.

Doesn't the marbled effect remind you of the surface of a coral? Well, in my imagination and memory, that's the texture on a coral heh.

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  1. Very nice.I also participated in this challenge.Come by my blog if you want.


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