OMD2 Challenge Day 10: Favourite Polish

Hello Lovelies,

It's day 10! Do you know what this means? I've been blogging for 10 days straight... Wow. I'm amazed, especially since I didn't think I'd be able to keep up with this challenge, let alone with my own blog. But on to the challenge...

Which is your favourite polish? Could you answer that question within a heartbeat? Because I couldn't. I've been thinking about this theme ever since the list was released!
What makes a polish a favourite polish? Is it one in your favourite colour? But lets say your favourite colour is blue and you own ten shades of blue, how do you pick just one? Or is a favourite polish one that you wear all the time? But I always wear a different shade...

I kept those thoughts in mind and finally picked a polish for this challenge's theme that more or less combines everything I look for in a polish, I present to you: Essie - Blanc!

What? A plain white polish? Let me explain why I love this polish dearly. It's actually a favourite among bloggers, I have noticed, it's a great base for nail art.
First off, the polish itself. I love Essie's polishes, they have a nice formula that is easy to apply and dries pretty fast too. The brush is great to work with, it's wide, flat and slightly rounded, my small nails are easily covered with 3-4 strokes.
While white is not my favourite colour (honestly speaking, I don't even have one!) it is a colour I never grow tired of. It works for every season and as mentioned before, it's the perfect base for nail art. It makes neons (and pretty much every other colour) pop when used as a base, it versatile and this makes it one of my most used polishes.

For this look I paired it with Don't Bossa Nova Me Around from OPI's Brazil collection and stamped the two accent nails with Moyou London's Hipster Plate no. 08. I probably defeated the whole purpose of favourite polish with this mani, since the spotlight isn't on Blanc, but it represents what I use this polish for rather well: A nice white base.

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  1. Antworten
    1. Thank you! :) I've fallen in love with this stamping motive and will definitely be using it a lot in the future!


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