OMD2 Challenge Day 17: Galaxy


Ah, the much dreaded day 17 theme, galaxy! Don't get me wrong, I love galaxy nails. It's just, I seem to be incapable of ever getting them right!! As today is Thursday, I thought it might be appropriate to kick off this post with a quick TBT. Let me show you a piece of Instagram history, my attempt at galaxy nails...

Yes, I'm not quite sure what went wrong either. I painted a dark blue base and then sponged on different shades of colours and white to get that galaxy feel, at least the confetti topper makes for good stars. Perhaps I overdid it with the sponging? Or just made some bad colour choices? Who knows... But here is me, roughly a year later, giving this another shot!

This time I picked a black base with some glass flakes, looked like a starry sky to me and then I sponged on white, purple, pink and a teal shimmery jelly. Finally I topped it with a black and white confetti topper to add some stars.

I'm quite content with how it worked out this time, it actually looks like a proper galaxy mani! I'm especially proud of how my thumb and middle finger turned out.

What's a popular nail art technique or look that you suck at, which everyone else seems to do so well?

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