Review: Tiny dried flowers from the BPS

A little later than I had planned, but here is my second review for Bornprettystore. They kindly let me pick two items from their new arrivals to test and review for my readers! Here you can find my other review about the sheet of water decals. And today I'm showing you what you can do with these tiny dried flowers! I know I said previously that I wanted to use them for one of the OMD2 challenges, but I changed my mind...

For roughly $6.00 you will received 12 small pots with tiny dried flowers in all colours of the rainbow. After you use the flowers, you can re-use the pots to keep other nail art supplies, what a deal! I will probably use mine to store lose rhinestones and studs which didn't come in a wheel.

My first try with the flowers was a fail, I got so upset I removed it before I could snap a photo of the disaster. All I can say is: Be careful with topcoat! I recommend skipping the top coat completely, as the flowers add quite a bit of texture that no topcoat could smooth out, let alone seal in. I ended up with a gloopy mess of bubbling top coat and sad flowers on my nail...

However, my second try was a success! I painted two coats of polish and let that dry, then I added a layer of top coat and before it dried, I added the flowers and carefully pressed them onto my nail using tweezers. Also, I cut the flowers in half for this look. They come in a kind of 'bouquet' and might work on your thumb or if you have bigger nails, but they were too big for mine to use as a while piece. Learning from mistakes, I didn't use top coat over the flowers this time!

I think it looks cute, however, it might not be very durable seeing as you can't seal the flowers in with top coat. Maybe you could with gel? I have no experience with gel nails, so I wouldn't know... It's still a cute look which you could wear for a night out or a special occassion.

Head over to Bornprettystore and get 10% off your order using the code SUHX31. They also offer free worldwide shipping!

Disclaimer: Samples were sent to me for review and I am in no way paid to write this review. All informations in this post are based on my own personal expierneces and opinions on the product.

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