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I'm Fiona and I have a problem.

Fi est. 1988, made in Switzerland.
Headquarters remain on Swiss grounds ever since.

As a teen I was told that I suck at painting nails and for comfort's sake I'd always trim down my nubs.
In 2011 I started working at an office where all the girls had painted nails, so I tried giving polish a second chance and it all escalated pretty quickly from there...
In 2014 I decided to take the big step and started this blog to share my creations with the world.
All nail art and swatching is done on my natural nails, so they might vary in length and shape often.

Fulltime job à la mode.
Religious views: Cats.
Eat, Sleep, Paint your nails.

I am also on...

Speaking of which, I get a lot of weird looks about my username, let me help you: Feline's cubicle. I like cats, cats like boxes. Now picture a cat with a cute collar and tie sweating away inside a cubicle... Or sleeping on the job. You're welcome.

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