OMD2 Challenge Day 21: Animal Print

Dear all,

Animal Print, I specifically did not want to make a leopard print because I knew this was what everyone else was thinking! It's easy to do and looks great, so it's an obvious answer for this theme, no? So I stamped a zebra design on my nails and messed up horribly, I got so upset I went with the leopard print after all...

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I've done my fair share of leo nails. However, I've never done the "real" aka classic leopard print. I probably should have opted for a more leopard-like beige, but this is just my favourite nude polish and the pink undertone was very inviting for berry pink tips.

I decided to go all tacky with this look, classic leopard print with pink tips, lined with pink glitter, arr! Finally I matted the thole mani, because matte leo prints are just so pretty, don't you think? It also smoothed out the whole look, on the glossy base you could see all the bumpy, irregular layers...

Before matte top coat.

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