OMD2 Challenge Day 19: Ombre


Today's theme is Ombre and I think this is a term that is often confused in nail art lingo. I hope I got it right this time, because I tend to mix it up too. I'm speaking about gradient and ombre, whereas they both mean more or less the same thing (one colour fading into another), I think there's a clear difference when speaking about nail art. As far as I understand, gradient refers to the nail art where you sponge on a gradient on each nail, whereas ombre if referring to the style where you pick 5 different shades and apply one on each nail. I hope I got this right, if not, someone correct me and then everyone else ignore what I just said, heh.

I really, really, REALLY wanted to use my Bleached Neons shades for this look, because the Coral Heat just combines the orange and pink tone so well! However, I didn't have a darker shade that went well with the pink, so I could make a 5-colour ombre. But then again, I hardly ever can decide on 5 shades that would make a nice ombre together...

Anyway, I opted to do a 2-sided ombre... If that makes any sense? It goes from dark to light, from thumb to middle finger and then back from light to dark towards the pinky. Then I added a DIY decal on the middle finger which kinda defeats the whole purpose of the ombre... But the decal has an ombre in it too, so double ombre?

I was especially sad about having to remove the decal, I love making them and they just look amazing once applied and cleaned up!! It just takes a lot of time to let them dry...

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