OMD2 Challenge Day 12: 3D


For today's challenge which is 3D I was pretty clueless. I was at a total loss until today and I kinda half-assed this one, to think of it now. It's not really very creative and I'm not a fan of how it turned out. But I decided to share it nonetheless.

Even the photo is out of focus!

I wanted to create a 3D effect with studs. I painted a base coat, then one layer of a metallic silver polish and stuck the studs on top and let it dry. Then I added a second coat of said metallic polish covering the studs, hoping this would 'merge' everything together and create a cool 3D effect, like those bumps were part of my nails. Not too convincing, hm?

I should have just added the studs last like people normally do, they looked really pretty against the silver polish! Ah well, for another time.

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