OMD2 Challenge Day 4: Bright

Welcome to day 4!

First off, I'm not really a fan of Ke$ha, but her music is on the radio and I can listen to it. But lately a lot of celebrities are sporting some really cute nails, so why not turn to them for some inspiration? If you haven't guessed yet, for today's look I was inspired by Ke$ha's nail look on her video Crazy Kids. I even found this tutorial on how to achieve them and based my look on it too.

This also made me realise that I don't have any nice orange creme polishes in my collection! I already don't own many orange shades as is, but those that I do have lean to coral/red shades or have shimmer in them. Finally I settled with my only orange polish, which is a neon one from American Apparel.

I didn't follow Ke$ha's original colours that accurately and instead picked similar ones, keeping the bright theme in mind. Also, I usually don't like my pointer to be the accent nail, so I blinged up my ring finger instead. After my base colours had dried, I matted my nails and wow, just wow, how stunning do matted neon polishes look? And as you have noticed, I didn't paint golden French tips, but made them heart shaped instead, I thought it would be more flattering to my current nail shape. And because I suck at freehanding French tips, erhem...

Blinging the accent nail was fun!

Have you ever done a mani inspired by a celebrity? If yes, by whom?

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