OMD2 Challenge Day 29: National Pride

Hoi zäme,
('hi all' in Swiss dialect.)

Yet another tricky theme, seeing as I have multiple heritages. While I am Swiss by both, birth and passport (my dad is Swiss, for the curious), I have half my roots in Singapore. At first I was thinking of doing a red-white-mixed mani since both flags have these two colours, but finally I decided for myself 'I am Swiss!'. It's a psychological thing, haha... Also, there doesn't seem to be a lot of patriotism around here, so why not for once celebrate the fact that I'm Swiss? Everyone's always so humble around here (ok, not all, by far not all!)... Well, enough with the stereotypes and on to my Swiss mani, which made me feel a little weird myself, since I am not really used to 'showing flag'. But hey, it's our national day on August 1, so I can kinda  pull it off with that excuse.

Wait, what is Pedobear doing on your nail? I thought he was Japanese! First off, that's not Pedobear, it's just a random bear. That's because I'm from Bern and the flag of Bern has a bear on it, it's also our city's mascot (heck, we even have a bear park where you can watch real life bears chill and stuff! In a fenced up area of course.) That explains the bear.

On my index finger you see cheese, because hey, the best cheese and chocolate comes from Switzerland! (I had no idea how to interpret chocolate as a nail design though...) On my ring finger, you see the Swiss flag, it's a white cross on a red background, but of course I blinged it up a little for my mani.

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