Topper Time: China Glaze - Your Present Required

Good evening lovelies,

It's the middle of the month again, which means it's topper time! I thought this would get easier as I go, but it's just getting harder and harder to pick what top coat I want to share with you guys... For this week I considered 3 toppers, but finally went with this one.

This is Your Present Required by China Glaze. It's one of the two China Glaze polishes I own and ironically, they are both toppers. This one I got from a Instagram sale, we do have China Glaze in stores here, but it's a rare and overpriced sight. So I was really lucky to get this one for $3 plus shipping, yay!

As a base I applied two layers of Meet me at coral island by Catrice, then added only one layer of glitter topper. This topper is LOADED with glitter, so it was no big deal to get it all over the nails. It does have some bigger white hex glitters which I wasn't able to get on my nail, though. Maybe with some fishing.
Also, I swear this combination looked really awesome in my head, but on my nails... Not so much anymore. And as you may remember from my last topper time post, glitter toppers go so well with a matte top coat, so I did the obvious and matted this look.

Looks much better already, amirite? Like the last time, I used my H&M matte top coat to mattify this mani, however sadly this polish is coming to an end... I did get two new matte top coats, hoping they'll get the job done in the future.

To round this post off, I have a macro shot of my left ring finger. I just love taking macro shots of my nails... I used to love taking macros of anything at one point, so it's rediscovered love. Enjoy.

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