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Hi there,

It's time for this month's round of Bornprettystore reviews. This time I have three samples to show you. But, is it just me or...

I've been seeing a lot of manis using nail vinyls lately and they seem to come in all kinds of shapes. I did buy a few actual nail vinyls, which I'll be talking about later, but for now I have these nail 'vinyls' from Bornprettystore. Actually, they are more like funky shaped French tip guides... For $1.58 you get one sheet with 30 guides (or 28 if you don't use the last pair that's just half a bolt), they're also available in classic French tips and other shapes. I picked the lightning bolt design because I saw this tutorial by elleandish and ever since, I've wanted to recreate that look. This tip guides are perfect for that!

The colours I picked for this look are by Catrice C01 The Peach Boys from their Crème Fresh limited edition collection, Manhattan's 003 Liquid Copper from their Glowing Goddess limited edition and Kiko no.374 Pearly Chocolate Noir. In the bottles, these 3 polishes look like a great combination on the nails - mine in particular - not so much. But see for yourself...

I applied only one coat of Liquid Copper over my base coat, after this was dry, I placed my tip guides in the middle of my nail and painted the top with the lighter shade and the tip area with the darker shade. I worked one nail at the time, immediately moving the guide once I was done painting.

The tip guides are made of coated paper, so they are thin but also sturdy. They're pretty long for my nails, which was great, because I could use my fingers to grab and pull off the paper (instead of doing so with tweezers).

I haven't tried nail vinyls, so I can't compare. However, these are definitely better than regular scotch tape, plus you don't have to cut them into shape! If you want to give them a try yourself, please use my code SUHX31 upon check out to enjoy 10% off your entire order.

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