Preview: Feathered Fall by Catrice

Is it Fall yet?

Hello, the Fall collections are slowly but surely making an appearance! Here's today's small preview of Catrice's new limited edition collection Feathered Fall.

As usual I'm only talking about the polishes, thus this will be a short preview as there are only 4 polishes to introduce. Before we start, let me just say I like where Catrice is taking us! The colours and finishes are pretty, although they might now be super innovative.
This collection will be on sale from September until November 2014.

There are 3 'normal' polishes in this collection, from left to right we have:

  • C01 - Golden Plum-E
  • C02 - Peacocktail
  • C03 - Skie's Force
They're all really pretty metallic shades and I think I might actually get them all. It seems like they'll be released in the square bottles with the double cap. I love, love, love double caps! It adds so much elegance to a nail varnish!!

There's also a topper in this collection, it's a 'feather topper' that goes by the name C01 - Feathery Fact. Both, Essence and Catrice refer to their bar glitter toppers as feathered effect. It's comparable with Sally Hansen's Fuzzy Coat collection. I'm not sure about bar glitter toppers, so I'll probably skip this one.

What about you, do you like the new colours and the feather topper?

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