Nail Art: Irregular Holo Chevron

Hi y'all!

Took a break from stamping to give some love to another one of my favourite techniques: Tape manis! They are so easy and fun to do. I kept it simple this time, I really just wanted to wear my beautiful holo polish from Squishy Face Polish, it's called Plumeria and it's the most beautiful holo I've ever owned! It's true that Indies shake it better.

This time I didn't cut my own tapes, but instead I used chevron nail vinyls by When ordering, I couldn't make up my mind which vinyls to order. Good thing there is this variety pack with an assortment of different vinyls. It came with 3 differently sized chevron tapes among other designs, so I decided to use all of them. I wanted to do some kind of abstract chevron gradient, but my nails are too short, so it turned out looking like random zig zag lines...

As mentioned above, my base colour is Plumeria, I applied two layers of it and let it dry completely. Then I placed my chevron tape on my nails and worked one nail after another, covering it with a coat of black. The black polish I used is Black is back by Essence. Finally I topped off the look with the quick dry top coat by Essence for a smooth and glossy finish.

These nail vinyls are great and so easy to use, I'm already hooked so prepare for a couple more chevron manis! (And others, since the variety pack came with lots of different vinyl patterns).

Tried to capture the amazing holo, failed.

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