Nail Art: Blinged Halfmoon was too much...

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Recently I've had a few people (ok, two people) ask me if my polishes wouldn't dry up someday and I just laughed it off any told them no, as long as the cap was on properly. While this is true, it made me think about how long I was actually planning on having/hoarding my polishes. Was I just going to use them once and then stash them away? No!
I came up with a bit of a personal challenge. Remember when Essence just started making polishes a few years back? They came in these tiny cute bottles, those started the whole story for me... I have 19 of those in my collection, some of them are a little goopy or almost empty, thus I've decided to try and use those up. I'm trying to focus on them and grab them whenever possible during the next weeks and here's my first mani featuring two of them.

This looked much better in my imagination, to be honest, I think the embellishments really ruined this mani! I took a pre-embellishment shot for you to see and I personally prefer this simple halfmoon mani. As the saying goes, less is more...

However, if you don't count the base coat, this is a full Essence mani! (My current base coat is from Maybelline, but I have an Essence one as back up).

My base colour is two coats of Iced Latte from their Nude Glam collection. I then used vinyl guides from to create the halfmoons and one layer of Wake Up. Now, I must say this is a really pretty shade of vermillion, but I really have no clue what this is doing in my collection... Back when I got into the whole hobby, I normally just painted plain nails and vermillion isn't exactly a colour I rock.

Then I made the horrible mistake to add studs and micro beads which came in the new nail wheel from their Yes! We pop Trend Edition. I thought the orange would add a bit of pizzaz to the whole look, but eh... I think it was too much. While I did place the micro beads nicely along the halfmoon, it looks so weird from certain angles.

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