Preview: Essence Trend Edition September 2014

Hi girls (and boys)!

Today I have even more news from Essence, whee! Since this time the Trend Edition isn't base solely around nail polish and nail art, I have decided to just pack all the polish related new into one post, beginning with the Hello Autumn Trend Edition. As usual, I'm only going to blog about the nail polishes and nail art items, as I don't plan to turn this into a make-up and beauty blog!

  • 01 - beauti-FALL red
  • 02 - meet my pumpkin
  • 03 - charlie seen in green
  • 04 - keep calm & go for a walk
  • 05 - autumn & the city (exclusive to Müller)
And you know what's the best about these polishes? They are ALL thermo polishes!! Essence says the colours will change to a slightly different nuance of the original shade. Essence hears ya, Essence does care! I really hope with all the thermo polishes announced I will finally be able to pick up a bottle or two...
The shades are all very pretty and well picked for Autumn, I like how the colours aren't too dark and still have a bit of a Summer-y feel. I think my favourites are charlie seen in green and keep calm & go for a walk, what about yours?

Retail prices weren't available yet, but this collection will be in stores from September to October 2014.

Next up is another Trend Edition called Fragrance Sets.  Yes, like you my first thought was 'meh, no polish!' and I was about to skip the photos. Good thing I still checked them out! The keyword here is set, because besides the fragrance, there's another item in the set. Of course, you guessed it, it's nail polish! Two bottles to be specific.

Set 1: Like a day in a candy shop
Set 2: Like the party of my life

Set 3: Like a new love
Like all girls (or most), I like perfume. But frankly speaking, I'm ignorant or just very loyal, because ever since Diesel released their Loverdose fragrance I've stuck with that one. I'm not really interested in the fragrances, so I'll skip those. Anyway, is it just me or are descriptions of scents really hard to imagine anyway? I prefer smelling things in person rather than reading about it...

Anywho, the interesting parts for me are the two polishes included! Essence didn't mention any names for the polishes, but apparently they are exclusive to the sets and you can't buy them in the standard Essence range. Boo! I hate it when companies do that! I wouldn't mind if I actually liked the fragrances, but to me it's just getting an extra product I don't want or need.
Set 1 comes with a pink-fuchsia glitter jewels polish and twinkling bling blings in gold-rosé, as described by Essence. Set 2 includes glitter polishes in blue and purple, while set 3 contains a sparkling sugar polish in light rosé and a glitter jewels in antique pink.

From the look on the photos, I think I'd enjoy the polishes from set 1 and 3 the most... Essence didn't mention any retail prices yet, but I think for me personally it really depends on the prices, since I'd most likely only get the sets for the polishes. Also, these will be in stores from September right up until December 2014.

Over all I still think this is a nice idea and would certainly make a great little gift for a loved-on (hint hint... haha). What do you think about the news? Will you be getting anything?

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