Swatch'd: Aquatix by Essence

Greetings fellow polish hunters,

I almost spaced out on this collection.. I did get the news but somehow I didn't notice that the collection had polishes in it too. Shame on me. Shame. On. Me! What makes it worse it that all the polishes in this series are absolutely gorgeous, each one's a stunner!!

Today I have 5 out of the 6 polishes to show you, I'd have all 6 if someone (or rather two-ones) didn't grab the only ones available for the sixth colour. It was my favourite one too! A beautiful duochrome that shifts from red to purple, from what I've enviously seen on other people's photos... Le sigh. Anyway, I'm still happy I was able to grab the last of each of these, I don't even care that I probably scared my whole environment while doing so. Yes, I tend to get a little excited when I find a new limited edition collection and things can seem a little crazy...

First up is no one less than the mother of pearls no.02 Pearls are a girl's best friend. From the preview, this was my second favourite, after swatching it not so much anymore.

Two coats without top coat

I like the colour and the finish, however, it's still not opaque after two coats which is disappointing. It's also rather streaky, didn't try a third coat but I think that could fix it. It would probably also look nice as a topper or in a jelly sandwich.

Next we have the mermaid's tale no.05 Finding Dori, which many people have said to be a dupe of the Oil Slick effect polish from Essence's last Road Trip trend edition. From swatches I've seen online, they look the same but I haven't compared them myself. Plus they're both pretty, so I don't really care.

This is a beautiful duochrome that shifts from blue to teal. One very obvious difference to the Road Trip polish is the opacity, this polish covers nicely in two coats, whereas the previous one took three coats.
On my ring finger and pinky I swatched just one coat over a black base, thus the slightly different colouring. I like both versions, though.

Then there's the Holo no.04 Under the sea. Now do you get why I say each of these is a stunner? They all have some special effect or finish! This one reminds me of another blue tinted holo I own by Catrice, might have to care. But again, don't really care, because gorgeous.

Two coats without top coat

Don't ask me why I swatched this one on my right hand, probably because I was thinking I could swatch two polishes at once... But hey, you get to see my Cinderella hand for once, although I don't pose well with this one.
I couldn't capture the holo effect properly, but trust me it is there! This polish covers nicely in two coats with some minor streaking, but those might be to my incapability of applying it properly...

Finally there's two trextured polishes to round up my review. The Carribean Sand no.03 Aquatix Bay and the Ocean Sand no.06 Underwater Love. I thought I'd get sick of sand polishes, until I stepped outside with the bottles and they sparkled like little diamonds! Both have a duochrome sparkle in the bottle.

Two coats without top coat
The name on this one is a bit misleading, because it isn't actually a sand polish. At least not per my definition. It doesn't have a textured finish like normal sand polishes, instead it's your average glitter finish. It's a clear base packed with teal shimmer and some middle sized hex glitters. It's quite sheer, so 3-4 coats might work better for full opacity or you could just use it as a topper.

On to the actual sand polish...

Two coats without top coat
This one turned out to be my actual second favourite of the bunch, despite being 'just another boring sand polish'. It's a whole new kind of sand polish! It has your average textured finish, but it is also a duochrome that shifts from dark blue to teal. I couldn't stop looking at it, especially under the sun, where it sparkles like the ocean (hah!).
It's also a one-coater, yay! I still applied two coats, because habit.

Have you spotted the new Aquatix collection yet? Which one is your favourite out of the 6?

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