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It's review time! And today I bring you the Winstonia Nail Art Foil Wrap Strip Decal Stickers.. Now that's a mouth full. This was one of those 'I feel awkward just buying one item, what other items could I throw in my cart that won't wreck my bank account?'-moments. I then stumbled across these nail wraps that were on sale... 

But low and behold the awesome deal! Let me do the math for you... The original price was $3.95, but they are now on clearance sale for $1.99 PLUS Winstonia Store was giving an extra 15% off for nail wraps during the month of July, which makes these $1.69! Yes, my thoughts exactly and then I virtually threw the two cutest designs in my shopping cart and checked out.

First off, let me tell you that I am not a nail wrap kinda gal. While I do like the idea of having (somewhat) perfect nails within a couple of minutes and without the long drying procedure, I just lack the feeling of achievement afterwards. Also, my first experience with nail wraps was horrible... I had a pack of nail wraps from Sally Hansen a couple years back, I mean Sally Hansen, right? Wrong. They were really thick, couldn't get them to lay flat, lots of creasing and they started peeling off a few hours later. So maybe that was an old badge or I just went horribly wrong in applying them, but that put me off from nail wraps ever since.

But everyone deserves a second chance, so here we are today with a new pack of nail wraps for $1.69, which means even if they suck, not much harm done. 
So there's the instructions and the actual product, nicely sealed in an air tight baggy. Notice how the instructions say to hold nail wrap by the silver strip and now look at the actual nail wraps. Lies, I tell you, lies! These nail wraps are made of lies!! But, I didn't get discouraged and just applied them like you normally would.

They were nowhere compared to those nail wraps in my memories, they smelled like polish and plastic, were really really thin, felt a little moist and were very easy to work with! You could tug and pull them into size and place, so they'd fit perfectly. It's a lot like applying homemade nail stickers, without all the DIY-ing and clean up.

I'm very pleased with the outcome, added some top coat to seal in the design so I could test how long they'd last in every day life. Snapped some photos, completely forgot about the top coat, proceeded to press the stickers on and of course, completely messed up my nails!
Well, at least I can finish this post by telling you how removal went. Do NOT use nail polish remover as suggested, it's a worse nightmare than removing glitter polish! I simply used a cuticle pusher to push the sticker off, starting at my cuticle. Tore away as much as possible and only used the remover for the final clean up.
Shaky macro goodness. The surface looks crinkled because I touched the top coat..

Allover, these are great and quick, though I can't vouch for the durability and longevity of the nail wraps. If you don't mess up the top coat, I think this could actually work out just fine for a couple days or even a week. I'll give it another try with my second sheet...

What are your experiences with nail wraps?

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