Moyou London's 20k Instagram Rainbow Contest Re-cap

Phew, hello!

It's been a busy week! After going back to work on Monday after a 2 week break, Moyou London suddenly was all like 'we have 20k followers, let's have a contest to celebrate!' on their Instagram. And of course, I couldn't say no to this, even if it was pretty short notice.
Work's been busy, so I kept most manis for this contest pretty simple and sometimes only succeeded to capture them in a quick shot on my iPhone. Thus I'm just going to put them all together in this post instead of making individual posts for each of them.
As mentioned in the title, you probably already guessed the theme for this challenge was Rainbow. There was a colour for each day of the week and you had to use Moyou London stamping plates to create them. Great reason to use my plates a little more and try some new ones for the first time!

Red on Monday
This mani was suuuper rushed, as I only saw Moyou London's post about the contest after work and wanted to get my entry in before Tuesday. It's also hard to tell what I did here, again, something that looked better as an idea.
I applied to coats of Essence Red Romance from their Dark Romance Trend Edition, which is a dark red matte polish. After it dried, I stamped over it with a red Konad polish and the Pro collection plate no.4. The stamping polish was a tad lighter than my base colour and also glossy, sadly, there wasn't as much contrast in the end result as I had hoped for...

Orange on Tuesday
I'm trying hard to make orange nails work for me, but it still takes some getting used to... I wanted to stamp this mani with neon orange, but the polish I had wasn't opaque enough (Neon Orange by American Apparel, if you were curious).
My base is East Side Story by Essence's Kalinka Beauty Trend Edition, a lovely orange polish with golden shimmer. I stamped it with a yellow Konad polish and two Moyou London plates which were the Exlporer plate no.21 and the Pro plate no.01

Yellow on Wednesday
This was probably the most rushed mani of the whole week! I worked pretty late on Tusday and Wednesday, so to at least get a little me-time, I slapped on this mani.
My base are two coats of Essie's Blanc on top of which I created a kind of gradient using the yellow from the O.P.I sheer tint minis and the dry brush method. Lastly I stamped it with the yellow Konad polish and Suki plate no.2

Green on Thursday
Had a doctor's appointment in this afternoon which had the side effect that I got off work early, so I had more time to put into this mani. Finally I could do some reverse stamping!
My base are two coats of Hello Spring! by Essence, a very pale pastel lime green with pearly shimmer. Then I created nail decals using the Explorer plate no.21 and green Konad polish, the ring and thumb accent turned out looking like some random mess...

Blue on Friday
Finally I could use Hello Hipsters by Essence as a stamping polish, after mentioning how great it stamps in one of my previous posts. It doesn't work that well with images that have fine lines, but it works prefectly fine with other stamp designs. In this case it's a wavy pattern which you can find on Moyou London's Sailor plate no.04
My base are two easy coats of That's what I mint by Essence, the little crab is a decal from Vinyl Boutique.

Purple on Saturday
It was really hard to choose a purple shade for this mani, since apparently purple suits me really well and thus I own a gazillion bottles of purple polish!
Finally I picked Sally Hanse'n Purple Heart, because it was chilling in the swatch box near my work space and it's such a pretty shade of purple. I tried for a double stamping using Kiko Mirror Polish and a pearly black Konad stamping polish, but my nails are so freaking small, the front image covers up the background image...

Pink on Sunday
On Wednesdays we wear Pink! No wait, this isn't Mean Girls... For my pink mani I picked the pink Neon Glitter from Yeslove. I love the look of these polishes, but they just take foreverrr to dry and are rather sheer. I needed 4 coats for full coverage and then I wanted to sleep, so I added Seche Vite on top to sleep in peace, without having to worry about getting prints on my nails. I don't know what it was, but the top coats of the Yeslove polish seem to have shrunk, so now I had super ugly edges near my cuticles...
The flamingo feathers are from the Tropical plate no.06 and stamped with a blue Konad polish. The blue is quite overpowering.

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