Nail Art: Abstract Crocodiles and a gradient

Good evening my lovelies,

Today I have another mani I created using my old Essence polishes, still trying to get those bottles empty so I can make space for new ones! And again I discovered that past-me had a very... Unique taste in colour, but see for yourselves.

My base is two coats of Lime Up, as the name suggests, it's a lime green creme polish. I actually remember how this polish found its way into my collection! When I started getting into nail art, I really wanted to do strawberry nails, but I didn't have any green polish and this was one of the only green polishes available around... However, when I had the plain base on, I was asking myself what I was thinking back then! It kinda looked like someone puked on my nails, certainly not a unicorn though.

Again, I grabbed some nail vinyls for this mani. This time I sponged a gradient over them adding Let's get lost and Just rock it!, another two polishes from my old Essence stash. I like how the old versions had a straight flat brush, instead of the slightly rounded one the new ones have. Fine with both, though.

I was thinking of using the neon green squared studs from the new Essence nail wheel to fill out the squares between the chevrons, but the colours didn't match as nicely as I had thought. Instead I used the blue round ones, which really round of the look. Even though I didn't really like my base colour, I love how it looks in combination with the gradient and the studs!

Have you ever managed to fully use up a polish? Is it even possible??

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  1. Antworten
    1. Thank you! Sure, please tell me when you do, I would love to see your recreation! :)


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