Nail Art: Super girly nails wrapped with a bow

Hi girls and girly boys!

You might have guessed, it's another look I created with my old Essence stash. This time I went for a super girly look with lots of pink, bows and bling!

My base are two coats of Enchanted Fairy, it was a little goopy so I had to add some polish thinner to it. I found that only two of my Essence polishes had gone goopy, those were also the most loved ones. Mom used to use Enchanted Fairy a lot, I don't think I ever wore this shade, but it somehow followed me and my nail polish collection through several moves... I'm still hesitating to throw this one out, although it's practically empty.

I created a kind of gradient from side to side, it's more like shading the sides of my nails? I don't know... But I used a blend of Enchanted Fairy and Very Berry to create it. You couldn't really tell on the real nails, but it's quite noticeable on photos. I took an extra shot before adding the bows:

The base is already so cute and girly, but I decided to go all the way and add some bows. I used two differently sized stencils from Vinyl Boutique, the small stencil was too big for my pinky, thus it's ribbonless. As a finishing touch I added tiny rhinestones in the middle of the bows.

What do you think of super girly nails? What do you qualify as girly?

...Oh, and remember girls:

Gotta love Mean Girls.

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