Nail Art: Textured Skulls and Stars Wallpaper

Hi peeps!

I'm back from my trip to London, I had such a blast and I'll be sharing my haul soon. I need to get things sorted out first, lets say I went a little crazy over there. Anyway, after sleeping almost the whole day, I am back and live. Good thing I prepared this post before I left, because after having this mani on for 5 day, I'm pretty sick of it...

Why yes, I am still very much on my stamping adventure trip. I'm slowly starting to get the hang of things (at least in my head) and so I decided to up my game a little and try stamping over textured polish.

My base are two layers of Essence Gothic Gold from the Dark Romance trend edition. This polish must be rather old, because I remember picking this up almost a year ago when I was in Zurich having some work related presentation at my college... Time flies.
Anyway. This is the perfect shade of gold, it's not too yellow and doesn't lean too much into the silver or pink side. It's also a textured polish with a matte finish.

For the stamping I used two different motives from the Punk no.05 plate by Moyou London. I think it's a fun idea that they have the outlines and the negative space of a same design, that way you can easily create this kind of manicures. The stamping polish is a pearly black Konad.

The stamping was a bit of a hit and miss, I was actually quite surprised how well the stamping went! I thought the whole image would look like rubbish due to the gritty surface, but it actually transferred very clearly. It only smudged at the parts where I pressed down too hard. This is something I learned about the squishy stamper, it never worked for me and I couldn't understand the hype about it... Turns out I was just so used to my hard silicone Konad stamper, which I would normally have to press down really hard to transfer nicely. I'm still getting used to this, but I'm starting to get the rave!

Cinderella hand
And for once my right hand actually looks a tad better than my left hand! (Just ignore the bit of polish stuck to my pinky, I wasn't planning on sharing photos of Cinderella...)
Don't believe me? Just look at these macros I took of my right pointer and middle finger...

Have you ever tried stamping over textured polishes? What were your experiences?

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