Review: Bornprettystore - Stamping plate QA86

'ello nail artistes!
(say it in a French accent, you know you want to!)

While you're reading this, I'm far up north in London hunting for polish and just enjoying the fancy life in London. This also means that my scheduled post worked and this was automatically posted on my behalf, yay!

I've probably mentioned this a couple times before, but lately I've really been into nail stamping (again), so I was thrilled when I saw that BPS had some stamping plates available for review! I picked stamping plate no.QA86. This plate's theme are hearts and snowflakes and it retails at $2.99. I think the snow flakes are pretty random in combination with the different hearts, however I like how it's such a long design so it would work for all kinds of nail shapes and lengths. The hearts are super cute, you get one full nail print and many different single heart designs.

Hearts and stars are always good in my books and the snowflake print will be great for the festive season. I focused on the hearts for today's review, thought they were perfect for DIY decals and I love making those.

Comes covered with a protective blue film.
Oh, before I forget, I know you guys are always interested about the measurements of full nail designs. The heart design is 20x15mm and the long strip of snowflakes is 48x16mm, so if you had really long nails and a big enough stamper, this could work. Or you could just stamp different parts of the strip on your nails to create some variety.

I went full kitsch with these after picking up the most appropriate polish to go with the hearts theme. This is Maybelline's no.21 Pink in the park, the most perfect cotton candy pink I could think of. I am completely smitten!

As you can see, the images transferred perfectly, any imperfections in the lines are due to my poor stamping abilities. I used a black stamping polish by Essence and had no problems working with it in combination with the plate.

I used the full nail image on my ring finger. All the other hearts are single hearts, on my thumb I layered a few of them. If you're curious to know how I made the decals, stay tuned I will have a tutorial up tomorrow!

What do you think of kitschy nails? Want to give it a try? Use my code SUHX31 to enjoy a 10% off your order!

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