Monthly Damage Report: August 2014

Hello Beautiful Nail Addicts,

Another month has ended, which means it's time for another MDR! If you haven't read my first post in this category, let me fill you in quickly. It's basically a retrospective of what has joined my collection during the past month. A monthly haul recap, you could say.

This month has been crazy, although it may not seem like I bought a lot as I'm not including my London haul (I have shown you thos in a seperate post, just follow this link :)
I tried to control myself this time and just focus on the limited editions, I will try to do so for the rest of the year too so I can work through my London haul and also use some untrieds and old polishes.

First is my order from Messy Mansion. I ordered this back in July, but it came beginning of August, so I'm including it in this month's report. They were sold out on a lot of their plates, so I only ordered 3. Then, a short while later, they restocked some plates I was eyeing, obviously. Oh well, just my luck... I haven't tried them, but if they're good, I will definitely get more!

  • Lily Anna - plate 14
  • Emily De Molly - EDM05
  • Messy Mansion - MM22
Next we have the limited editions and trend editions, which I won't be going into detail about, as I have already swatched and reviewed all of them. I will however enclose the links to the blog posts, so you can check those out if you like.

I bought three polishes from the Metallure collection by Catrice, which you can see here.

I bought 5 of the 6 Aquatix polishes by Essence. Originally wanted all, but just my luck: My favourite was already all sold out! Click here for the swatches and review.

Then I found the Yes! We pop Trend Edition, also by Essence and again, my favourite was sold out. But I managed to grab some of the other items and swatched 3 polishes here.

Speaking of Essence, I also grabbed some of the polishes that were on the list of shades they were going to discontinue. Also picked up a back-up for my quick dry top coat, this was before I discovered Seche Vite... And one of their base coats, because I never have a base coat back-up, but I have tons of top coats!

  • Essence - 158 If I were a Boy
  • Essence - 149 Hello Marshmellow
  • Essence - 157 My Fortune Cookie
  • Essence Quick Dry Top Coat
  • Essence Studio Nails hardening base coat

Then, when I thought the month was over and I had done well with my excessive polish hauling, I found the new regular releases from Essence. I thought to myself, it was a rough week, so why not?

  • Essence Effect Nails 24 - Party never ends
  • Essence Effect Nails 20 - Hidden Garden
  • Essence - 180 It's raining Men
  • Essence - 196 I love my blue jeans
  • Essence - 102 Sparkling water lily
  • Essence - 190 Kiss me Freddy
  • Essence - 188 Dare to kiss
Squishy Face Polish aka Alice was destashing, so I decided to help her make some room and while she had to ship my purchase to me anyway, I decided to add Plumeria from her shop to the package too.

  • Doctor Lacquer - Neon Rain
  • Doctor Lacquer - Rainbow Unicorn
  • Indie Nails - Tastes like Snozberries
  • China Glaze - Your Present Required
  • Squishy Face Polish - Plumeria
  • POP - 52 Pansy Purple
I am so easily influenced when it comes to pretty bottles of lacquer, so here's what Instagram and Bloggers made me buy this month. 

I caved and got Find me an oasis by Essie, I tried finding it cheaper abroad, but ended up getting it from my local department store for our horrendous retail price of (roughly) US$21.00... I wasn't influenced to get Anny polishes, but I learned about a 40% sale on polishes at Marionnaud through Instagram, so it kinda counts.

  • Claire's - White Neons
  • Essie - Find me an Oasis
  • Anny - 047 The Answer is Love
  • Anny - 517 Wild at Heart

Speaking of bad influence found on Instagram, it's also were I was recommended to check out Cadillacquer! You might have seen the swatch posts I did of the first few, I got these 5 polishes for my first order. 

To end this post, here's the random bits and bobs that didn't fit into any of the groups above.

  • Maybelline - 21 Pink in the Park (came with a free clear top coat)
  • Catrice - Ombre Top Coat
  • Essie X'mas set - Shearling Darling, Parka Perfect & Toggle to the Top
  • Manhattan - 40 Degrees (Glowing Goddess LE)
I was also in the market for some nail polish remover, so I grabbed my all time favourite by Cutex. The purple one is just amazing, it doesn't smell like remover at all! It actually smells really nice, a bit like Vanilla with a floral note..? 

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