Nail Art: Mermaid scale stamping

Good day beautifully polished people,

I'm sure we're all familiar with this scenario where we buy a really pretty polish, bring it home and then... Simply forget about it. I am most guilty about this when it comes to Kiko nail polishes! There is no Kiko in Switzerland (right, I lied, there's one in the area of Zurich, but A. it's too far away for me to go there frequently and B. it's overpriced!) so whenever I come across a Kiko abroad it's like a super market after the Apocalypse, BUY ALL THE POLISH!!

Now I've kinda made it my goal to slowly use all the Kiko polishes... Today I have no.834 Golden Tiffany, which I bought in Milano almost a year ago. It was during my first business trip, when my colleague got me hooked to Kiko and ever since then has to endure me spending hours some time hauling a basket full of polishes.

As the name suggests, this is a beautiful Tiffany blue with a golden shimmer. I was going to call it a mint shade, but it just had a lot more blue than mint and I was clueless what to call it. Aquamint? But yes, Tiffany is most appropriate!

Next I used the Pro no.01 stamping plate from Moyou London. On the plate and close up it looked like fish scales, but on some shots it looks... Not like fish scales, heh. For the stamping I used Maybelline no.820 Champion en or - Winner takes it all! Metallic polishes alway work great for stamping.

Macro goodness!
For the next couple of photos the lighting turned out different, I'm still figuring out how the camera angle takes influence on the lighting etc. Please bear with me a little more! At least I dug out my macro lens and can give you even closer looks at my cuticles, who knew cuticles could make you self-concious? (laughs)

Finally, one last macro that best shows off the golden shimmer in this polish. Sadly, the polish is rather sheer and it takes 3 coats for perfect coverage without streaks. The shimmer is absolutely gorgeous though and the gold stamping really made it pop, in my opinion. There's just something about minty shades and gold, don't you think?

3 coats without top coat

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