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Good day loves,

I must say, one thing I miss about London is how everyone calls you 'darling', 'love' or whatever. While I usually hate this, it just suits the whole attitude over there. Oh, I miss London... So this newsletter was very bittersweet for me. Catrice's latest limited edition collection Check & Tweed which is inspired by the whole Brit Chic.

As usual, I just want to talk about the polishes in this collection. There are five shades as follows.

  • C01 - London Calling
  • C02 - England's Rose
  • C03 - Mind the red!
  • C04 - Brit Chic
  • C05 - Hyde in the park
As you may be able to guess from the pictures, they all have a shimmer finish. If you ask me, personally I would have gone with creme finishes. To me, London (or England) Fashion has a certain sophistication that lies in the simplicity and high quality. Creme polishes have all this to me, they're simple and yet have this powerful expression of elegance. I would have really liked all the colours above in that finish instead, because the choice of colours is really nice and perfect for this season!

Also, is it a mix-up or why is the orange/rust polish called Mind the red!? I would have gone with something like Keep to the bright, which is another statement you often hear at London's tube stations which I personally prefer. I swear I was amazed how everyone kept nicely to the right on escalators! Never works here... Heck, I don't even stand on the right because I'm a rebel like that, heh.

I'll wait and see how the actual polishes look like and then decide which ones I'll be getting. So far none have me in great excitement... What about you guys? Fancy any of the new lacquers yet?

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