So I walked in on a nail polish sale... (haul + announcement)

My dear polish-a-holics,

Yesterday I was a bit early for my Japanese class in the evening, so I was randomly browsing the stores in town and then it happened... The department store was having their mid-season sale and it didn't take me long to navigate to the nail polish bucket. 

As I dug my way through the big glass bowl, it felt like this was some old stash they had forgotten in their warehouse, there were limited editions and old collections from years before I got into the hobby. I spent a good 10 minutes digging and keeping everyone else waiting, finally I picked these:

What's eerie is, that very morning I was just thinking "hey, I don't really own that many polishes by Manhattan! Why is that?" Yes, there were mostly Manhattan polishes in the sale.

The colours are from left to right:

  • 96D - a pearly-metallic taupe polish with holographic glitter. I don't even know why I picked this one, I guess the glitter and excitement just had me in a rush!
  • Manhattan & Playboy 04 Grrrrreen - anybody else feel this polish is lying? It's obviously a yellow jelly with fine gold glitter.
  • Limited Edition 02 - a metallic silver, I am a sucker for metallic polishes.
  • Manhattan & Only no. 1 - a mid blue polish with an iridescent shine.
  • Manhattan & Only no. 5 - a coral pink polish with fine glass flakes.
  • Manhattan & Only no. 6 - a very deep green polish with iridescent shine.

I also got these at  regular price while I was at it.

  • Catrice Limited Edition "Crème Fresh" C01 The Peach Boys 
  • Catrice Limited Edition "Crème Fresh" C03 Evergreen 60s
  • Catrice Limited Edition "Crème Fresh" C04 Another Pink Panther
  • Essence Trend Edition "Viva Brasil" 04 Cool Azul

I kinda missed out on that Catrice limited collection and only managed to get the yellow shade (not shown here), so I was pleasently surprised when I found an almost full display case with all the polishes available! Stopped thinking and just got one of each.
Finally I also picked up the blue polish from the Essence Viva Brazil trend edition, I thought I had missed out on this one, but again, there was a full, untouched display!

And today after work, same story before my doctor's appointment: I walked into another department store and of course, you guessed it, they're having a sale too! This time I only had 5 minutes to dig, but I'll be going back tomorrow to spend more time digging, because look at these puppies:

  • Essie - Full Steam Ahead: a great lavender tone with silver glass flakes
  • Essie - Navigate Her: I'm wearing this gorgeous green cream as we speak!
  • Essie - DJ Play That Song: A vibrant purple-pink cream.
I love Essie, but with CHF 19.90 - 23.00 (around $20-ish) a bottle here, this brand is really overpriced! So I normally get mine abroad or in this case, during the sales. They were CHF 7.00 each.
Navigate Her was instant LOVE! I couldn't quite put my finger on the colour, my friend said olive, but then it hit me: Pistachio! 

  • Rimmel London - 713 Britpop: a teal cream
  • Revlon Top Speed - 607 Hazy: It looked metallic at the store, but it's a grey cream
  • Essence - 112 Time For Romance: a burgundy loaded with different sized glitter. I grabbed this one! I've been planning on getting it for a long time, so when my eyes gazed upon it in the sale bin, I knew it was mine.
Also, this just proves me talking about "old stash hidden in the warehouse", I don't think I have ever seen Rimmel London polishes for sale here! But as a matter of fact, every time when I go to this particular department store during their sale period (Manor for you Swiss readers), they ALWAYS have these in their sale bin! But I've never seen it sold regularly...

To round off this post, I have an exciting announcement to make: There'll be some reviews of Bornprettystore items coming up, stay tuned! Meanwhile have these 10% off your purchase at their shop with this code: SUHX31

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