TBT: My very first sponge gradient

Good afternoon Lovelies,

Aah, don't you sometimes think about the past and how you discovered nail art and all the wonderful possibilities about it? I've been a little busy and since it's Thursday, I thought I'd just throw a TBT (Throwback Thursday) your way, heh.

Besides layering polishes (as in glitter toppers) this was the first kind of nail art I tried doing on my nails. This was over two years ago, the photos date back to March 2012! I took them with my phone, because what are quality nail art photos? Backdrop? What's that? I mainly just snapped photos of my nails to share them with friends and family on Facebook, just like everyone else shares every single detail of their lives there.

First layer sponged on.

I think I remember painting a base colour, probably a nude polish? I don't remember. But I used the 3 Essence shades in the photo for the gradient. I remember thinking to myself 'hey, this looks kinda nice! But it also looks kinda rubbish, nothing like those gradient nails I had seen online...'
And yes, lets take a moment to admire the amazing job I did cleaning up my cuticles for this glamourous shot... Not.

Luckily I soon figured out that perhaps a second layer of sponging would do the trick and ta-daa:

I was so happy! Finished it off with a layer of top coat and I think I wore this for a whole week, until my nails started growing out and it just looked gross. Also did a slightly better job cleaning up. Got a lot of compliments from co-workers during that week and I was completely SOLD! I'd never run around with plain nails again (unless I was really super busy or having and uncreative phase).

I hope you enjoyed my little time travel, as I love browsing my phone for old nail art.

What was your very first nail art attempt? Was it a success or failure?

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