Nail Art: Does YOUR bottle match your nails?

Good evening,

Recently, I bought this bottle of green tea while grocery shopping. Let me tell you, this is marketing done right, I honestly only bought it because of the pretty bottle. I mean just look at it!

The tea itself tasted OK, but I probably wouldn't buy it again, it was kinda pricey for being just unsweetened tea in a bottle. However, I did buy both flavours, so I have this same bottle in a gold colour scheme and might put that to my nails in the future.

What really inspired me to do this look was one of my latest Kiko purchases. It's a metallic rose gold polish with fine gold flakes in it and I immediately thought of it when I saw the bottle.

Polishes used from left to right...
  • Essence - 03 Last Night A Cookie Saved My Life (from their Cookies & Cream Trend Edition) for stamping
  • Kiko - 858 
  • Essence - 04 Iced Latte (from their Nude Glam series)
  • Essence - Black Tip Painter from their Tribal Summer Trend Edition
  • Essence - 144 Black Is Back

I don't know why I bought that Cookies & Cream polish in brown. While I do own one or the other brown polish for nail art purposes, I've never actually worn brown nails... This polish is going to face the same fate, it does make a good stamping polish though.

Here's how it's done:

  • Apply base coat to all your nails to protect them and make your mani last.
  • Paint one layer of the nude polish on all fingers and let dry.
  • Sponge on a gradient from the same nude polish to your rose metallic polish, coverage was fine for me after one go, but feel free to repeat this step until you're happy with the opacity.
  • Once everything has dried, stamp your pinky, pointer and middle finger. I used Moyou's Explorer plate no. 21 for this.
  • If you're good with stripers, you can free hand the stripes on your thumb and ring finger. If you're anything like me, you will use striping tape for this step.
  • Finally add a red stud onto your ring finger.
  • Seal off your design with a glossy top coat and you're good to go!

Does your bottle match your mani?

What everyday items are you inspired by?

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