Nail Art: Holographic Polka Dots


If you follow me on Instagram, this might be a really old manicure for you, but on there I said I'd blog about it. So I'm doing it now, better late than never, amirite?

As seen on Instagram.

First off, this photo has the most views on my Instagram, waaay more than any other photo! For the first time I hit over a hundred likes and suddenly, I gained a bunch of followers.  Ok, enough of the bragging, it's just all so new for me!

I wasn't sure what to call this manicure style, a skittle? a double gradient? I just settled for polka dots. I love polka dot manicures and it's my to-go nail art when I'm lazy, uninspired or not being very creative, so expect to see one or the other polka dot themed nail art from me!

Lets enjoy the colours in their "raw", pre-polka dot state:

The polishes I used for this look:

  • P2 - 920 Up In The Air! (on my thumb and pinky)
  • Rimmel London - 825 Sky High (on my index and ring finger)
  • Essence - 02 Everybody Salsa, from their Viva Brasil! Trend edition (on my middle finger)
  • Claire's - no. 36266 (a holographic polish with a green tint which I used for the polka dots)
I used a base coat to protect my nails, but skipped the topcoat. I made the polka dots using a random dotting tool I got in a set off ebay.

What's your to-go nail art?

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