Nail Art: Chevron + Neon speckles

Hello fellow addicts!

I spent yesterday creating this new nail art, it's simple, but it took me the whole afternoon. Mainly because of one troublesome polish, but read on as I vent about my adventures in polish heaven.

Polishes used for this look.

As usual, I started off with a base coat to protect my nails. Above you can see the polishes I used to create this look, they are, from left to right:

  • Essence - 04 iced latte, from their nude glam collection
  • Yeslove - Neon Glitter G1-2
  • O.P.I - Alpine Snow
  • Catrice - 030 Meet Me At Coral Island
Sadly, I think Essence discontinued their nude glam line. I had forgotten about this nude polish and was delighted when I rediscovered it for this nail art.
Next up, the Yeslove polish, while it is really cool, it's super sheer and one coat takes FOREVER to dry. Alpine Snow is definitely a must-have, it's the perfect white polish in my opinion.

For my thumb, pointer and pinky I used one coat of the Essence polish (I should have used two to get a perfectly opaque base to work on) and layered on 3 coats of the Yeslove polish, a sheer nude-ish base with differently sized neon glitters. But as mentioned above, it took ages to dry. After an hour, the nails still felt a little sticky when I tapped them against each other.
For my middle and ring finger I started off with a base of two coats of Alpine Snow, I let it dry completely, then cut little pieces of normal tape with my zig zag scissors. I then taped the nails and painted one coat of Meet Me At Coral Island over them, removing the tape immediately before the polish could dry.

Chevron, Chevron!
Finally, can we just take a moment to admire the beautiful chevron nails? They're nothing new, but it's the first time I succeeded at them. Prior to this, the polish would either dry on me before I could remove the tape (I'm slow, ok?) or I hadn't waited long enough, so the tape would just rip off the base colour when I pulled it off.

Have you tried chevron nails? What are your secret pro tips?

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