Nail Art: Bright water marbling

Hello lovelies!

After nail stamping, which is something I haven't done in a while, I decided to give something else I haven't done in a while a shot: Water marbling!

How hard is it to take a photo of your right hand??

Back in the days when I just started collecting polishes and trying different kinds of nail art, I only had two polishes that would work for water marbling. All my old Essence polishes weren't working. Meanwhile however, years have passed since and my collection has grown and more brands have joined my army collection. I was eager to use the new Essie polishes I had gotten on clearance and while I was prepping my nails, the Catrice polish Meet Me At Coral Island was still standing around and looked good with my two purple Essies.

Here's the polishes used for this look:

  • Essie - DJ Play That Song
  • Essie - Full Steam Ahead
  • Catrice - 030 Meet Me At Coral Island

I began with a base coat on all my nails, then painted two coats of Full Steam Ahead on my pointer, middle and ring finger. For full coverage, I painted my thumb and pinky with 3 coats of DJ Play That Song.

Once everything was completely dry, the fun part could start! I taped the 3 lighter fingers to make clean up a little easier and then just randomly dripped the 3 polishes into a bowl of water, drew some patterns with a needle and finally dipped my nail.

I did my left hand first, you can see I was still a bit rusty here and the patterns aren't as nice. However, I'm really happy with how they turned out on my right hand. Except for my middle finger, since I accidentally dipped it a second time while doing the other fingers, which messed up the design a bit.
Lastly I just added some random dots with a dotting tool to add a little something, but mainly to cover up a spot I had messed up on my left ring finger...

Also, I wanted to trim my nails, but I was too lazy and decided to just cut the edges off and file them round. I think they look really cute and it's a refreshing change, also the shape looks more playful in my opinion, which suits a happy Summer mood! I might go back to my squoval nails after a while, though.

What's your favoutire nail shape and which one do you rock?

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