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Actually I was looking for the Bleached Neons from Maybelline's Color Show line, but with no luck. I don't even think we ever had those here in Switzerland... I found leftovers from the Street Artist collection, but one supermarket had their Limited Editions section stocked with 4 new polishes from the Acid Wash collection. When I saw it, I was all "say whaat?", I wasn't expecting this as I hadn't seen this collection on any blogs or Instagram. Naturally, I picked out two, learned my lesson after I passed up a full limited edition display from Essence only to find it licked clean after I was done procrastinating for a week...

248 - Bleached Blue & 245 - Lilac Rebel

If I remember correctly, there were 4 colours available. Google later told me there's a clear topcoat in this collection too, but I only remember seeing these:
  • 245 - Lilac Rebel: I personally don't see the lilac, to me it's a very pale baby blue.
  • 246 - Mint-Acid-Ittude: As the name suggests, this is a pale mint shade.
  • 247 - Ripped Tide: Is a nice Cyan shade I really regret not picking up...
  • 248 - Bleached Blue: A nice Ultramarine shade.
All the colours are what I would describe as jellies loaded with different sizes of white glitter, there's big hex glitters and two sizes of small round white flakes. The density is pretty high, so there's no fishing for glitters required, although the smaller ones pick up easier than the big hex glitters.

Close-up of the glitter.
 Next I swatched them on my nail swatch sticks, you see two coats on each. The coverage is good, application is a little streaky though, but if you have a lighter hand applying them, it should be OK.

Two coats of 'Bleached Blue'.
Two coats of 'Lilac Rebel'.
The brush is just your usual flat brush as you have it on your other Color Show polishes (or at least those I have to compare with).

Personally I like both colours very much, especially during the hot Summer days I am an absolute sucker for pale shades and vibrant colours! The glitter 'pops' more on the darker shade, though and it really reminds me of acid wash jeans.
This collection reminds me a little of Maybelline's Polka Dots collection minus the black glitters, but the Acid Wash polishes aren't as sheer as those. I'm very impressed by all the polishes Maybelline has been coming up with in their latest Color Show collections, they're fun to discover and try! Only downside: These polishes were CHF 7.90 (around US$ 8.00) here, which is pretty pricey compared to their retail prices in other countries. Thus I only picked up two bottles.

Have you spotted and tried the new Acid Wash polishes yet?

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