Nail Art: Lazy Saturday water decals

Happy Sunday everyone,

Yesterday was a really lazy day, I stayed at home, caught up on some series and was even too lazy to come up with some fancy designs. That's where I love to grab some water decals from my stash! They're easy and quick to apply and yet look like you spent a lot of time and effort making your nails look pretty. "Outsiders" will ask you how you did that haha...

But first off, I want to show you the swatch of the polish I used. Normally I don't pay much attention to the regular colours in the Essence display, unless the internet has been raving about a certain shade. But this polish really caught my eye! I've been tip-toeing around it for a while now, but finally bit the bullet and brought it home.

2 coats of 168 - love me, cupcake

The colour is really hard to describe, but to me it looks like a mash up of all my current favourite colours to use: Taupe, Lavender and Old Rose. It has this nude effect with a hint of colour, which I just really, really love! Personally, I find this to be a very elegant and sophisticated colour.

With that in mind, I picked out these water decals from the bornprettystore, I bought these last year or so and they were my first ever water decals. It's a cute little lace design, perfect for this colour! They come in black and white, so I was torn which ones to use, but finally settled for the white ones for a more girly look.

What are your lazy nail art techniques?

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2 Responses to Nail Art: Lazy Saturday water decals

  1. Ohh this looks pretty! The perfect wedding nails :-) I love lazy nail arts. I'm actually posting one tomorrow. Did a dotted nail art using a toothpick.

    1. Dots are one of my favourite lazy nail arts too! :) Can't wait to see yours!


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