New in: Catrice - Limited Edition Le Grand Bleu

Hello fellow polished people!

While I was out polish hunting, I also picked up some colours from the new Limited Edition by German brand Catrice. It's known under the name 'Le Grand Bleu' and you guessed it, the main theme is blue and ta-daa, the polishes I picked are also all blue (there was one gold-ish polish and the other was a light lavender, but I passed on those).

Let's kick it off with the seemingly most interesting among the three: Mermaiday Mayday is, what looks like a nice sheer blue jelly with lots of pretty holographic glitter. Why do I sound so suspicious? Well, see the two coats of this polish on my nail swatch stick and you might understand.

2 coats of Mermaiday Mayday.
As you can tell, this polish takes the word 'sheer' very seriously, the blue is barely visible! These are two coats, one coat just looked like a clear base with glitter. I've seen swatches of this polish and you can layer it and tickle out the blue, that is, if you have the patience to paint 4-5 coats.
I'm a little disappointed, but I will keep this colour in my collection as a pretty topcoat and experiment with it that way.

Let's move on to the next shade: Bella Aquarella, this is what I would considere 'sheer'.

2 coats Bella Aquarella.
This is a lovely shade of blue, personally I think it would have been nice if Catrice just combined the two polishes above. Bella Aquarella has the nice (visible!) sheer colour and Mermaiday Mayday has the pretty glitter. I might try to work the two polishes into a glitter sandwich to achieve that effect.

Finally, what seemed to be the most boring among the three polishes I picked up, turns out to actually be my favourite!

2 coats of Entering Atlantis.
Entering Atlantis is a gorgeous deep blue with peraly-metallic shimmer, coverage is perfect after two coats on my nail swatch stick. The finish isn't matte, nor is it super glossy, it's a bit hard to explain in words.
Random sidenote, but this polish really reminds me of the song 'Atlantis Found' by I Blame Coco, I suggest you listen to it while painting your nails with this colour, heh.

Have you spotted Le Grand Bleu yet? Picked up anything?

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